Introduction Faculty of Medicine University of Peradeniya provides the students a wide array of opportunities to get engaged in extracurricular activities through the societies such as Cultural, Welfare, Sports, Nature, Drug subcommittees coordinated by Student’s the Union, Medical Faculty Buddhist Brotherhood Association, Hindu society, Christian society and Islamic society. Students organize and participate in various events done by these societies. Sports tournaments (Badminton, Cricket, Chess, and Carom) organized by the sports subcommittee, Aneega the monthly dharma sermon, Blood donation camps, pirith programmes organized by the Buddhist Brotherhood Association, Christmas carol service organized by the Christian society, Sinhala and Hindu new year festival, “Kujadawa” organized by the cultural subcommittee, Hikes organized by the nature subcommittee are some of the events.

Engaging in these activities allow the medical students who are under a tough schedule to escape from the stress. At the same time students get the opportunity develop their leadership qualities, team spirit, personality, communication skills, literary skills, creativity and also favors spiritual development. Events organized by the religious societies build up a platform for the students to discuss their problems which help to relieve their stress. The multiethnic and multi religious nature in the faculty and the associated activities create ethnic and religious harmony among students.

The experiences gained by involving in student’s activities are important in shaping the career as a good doctor and moving forward in the society as a competent leader.
Blood Donation Camp
Aneegha Monthly Dhamma Programme
Sri Dhanshtadhabiwandhana





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