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The Faculty of Medicine which is 50 years old, has extremely rich traditions, values and is well recognized internationally. We have the highest intake of undergraduates in the country, which is about 205 per annum, including students from Bhutan. Our mission is to entrust the health professionals with holistic education with ethical values and mutual respect, in an environment of excellence, where their education and training, the provision of preventive and curative services to individual and the community, and research, are seen to be part of a continuum. The foundations of and a desire for continuing education; a spirit of enquiry and the recognition of responsibility to improve the health of the people, must be the consequences of such education.

Ours is a student oriented academic program.  The highly dedicated staff of all levels works continuously to assure that at the end of the undergraduate training, the student becomes a knowledgeable and practical physician who can communicate well, with the ability to adapt to any requirement or community. Therefore, our graduates secure top positions in the ranking list of the medical graduates in the country and are employed by many western countries contributing to a substantial number of their health care work force.

The students have opportunities for a good social life and also to mix with students from 8 other faculties of the university. The ambience of the University of Peradeniya is one of the best in the world. We attract many foreign students as electives. Many of the academics are involved in high quality research in basic medical sciences and clinical fields. Laboratory facilities for cell culture, DNA techniques etc. are available and are supported by adequately trained staff. About 55 postgraduates are currently enrolled in MPhil/PhDs. The international collaboration, through the South Asian Clinical Toxicology Research Collaboration (SACTRAC) and the Health Emergency & Disaster Management Training Centre (HEDMaTC) has created expected opportunities.

The Alumni living in different parts of the world support us in numerous ways. The personal interest taken by the current staff and Alumni in meeting the needs of the students is praiseworthy.

I am delighted to have been given an opportunity to steer a faculty that is progressing well in many frontiers.


Prof MD Lamawansa


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