Department of Anatomy

Faculty of Medicine

Postgraduate teaching

Course to aid students attempting Doctor of Medicine in Surgery
The department of Anatomy undertakes the teaching of detailed human anatomy, embryology, basic histology and medical genetics for postgraduates, attempting part 1 of the Doctor of Medicine in Surgery examination. This course is conducted by the Department of Surgery in collaboration with the Kandy Chapter of Surgery, to aid the students in achieving good results at this examination. The Anatomy component of this course involves in depth teaching of gross anatomy aided by prosected specimens. Students are expected to describe in detail the regional anatomy of clinically relevant areas and be able to identify given structures in specimens. Knowledge in embryology, histology and genetics is expected to improve the quality of their answers to essay questions at the examination.
MSc in Sports Science
The department of Anatomy undertakes the teaching of basic human anatomy and sports biomechanics for the course MSc in Sports Science conducted by the Department of Physiology. This includes a series of lectures conducted by our academic staff members and practical sessions using prosected specimens and bones.