Dr. Sachithra Samarawickrama
Lecturer in Anatomy
Office Address

Department of Anatomy , Faculty of Medicine
University of Peradeniya




(081) 239 6260


Education/Professional Qualifications

MBBS – University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka (2003)
Currently a PhD Student at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA           

Positions held (Selected)

Lecturer in Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, UOP (2007-present)
Sports Physician, Sports Medicine Clinic, Peradeniya Teaching Hospital


Memberships& Awards (Selected)

Sri Lanka Medical Council
Sri Lanka Sports Medicine Association
American Society of Biomechanics
American College of Sports Medicine
International Society of Biomechanics – Footwear Biomechanics Group

International Federation of Sports Medicine


Research Interests (Research Fields/Projects)

My research focuses on identifying the biomechanical and physiological risk factors associated with lower-extremity injuries in athletes. Specifically, I am interested in muscle and tendon adaptation in response to fatigue and eccentric overloading. I am currently using barefoot running as a model to study these adaptations.  My research will ultimately contribute to the development of effective strategies that reduce the prevalence and severity of injuries related to myotendinous injuries related to sports participation.


Selected Research Publications


  • Sachithra Samarawickrame, Rami Hashish, George Salem.  Kinematic and kinetic differences between shod and barefoot running.  American Society of Biomechanics,  August 2011. Abstract
  • Rami Hashish, Sachithra Samarawickrame, George Salem.  Ground reaction forces in barefoot running before and after exertion.  American Society of Biomechanics,  August 2011. Abstract
  • Man-Ying Wang, Shin-Yuan Yu, Rami Hashish, Sachithra Samarawickrame, Michelle Haines, Lauren Mulwitz, Leslie Kazadi, Gail Greendale, George Salem. Biomechanics demands of therapeutic hatha yoga poses in older adults: modified chair and downward facing dog.  American Society of Biomechanics,  August 2011. Abstract
  • Sean S.Y. Yu, Man-Ying Wang, Lauren Mulwitz, Michelle Haines, Sachithra Samarawickrame, Rami Hashish, Leslie Kazadi, Gail Greendale, George Salem. Conventional wisdom regarding yoga pose modification may not benefit healthy older adults: examining the modified tree pose.  American Society of Biomechanics,  August 2011. Abstract
  • Samarawickrame S, Wang M-Y, Hashish R, Yu S-Y, Haines M, Mulwitz L, Greendale G, Salem G. Biomechanical Characteristics of the Modified Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose in Healthy Older Adults. Med Sci Sports Exerc.  June 2011;43(5): S652. Abstract
  • Hashish R, Samarawickrame S, Wang M-Y, Yu S-Y, Tsai LC, Salem G. The Influence Of Different Marker Sets On Lower Extremity Dynamics During Walking. Med Sci Sports Exerc. June 2011;43(5): S639. Abstract
  • Yu S-Y, Wang M-Y, Haines M, Mulwitz L, Hashish R, Samarawickrame S, Kazadi L, Greendale G, Salem G. Lower-extremity Joint Kinematics in Older Adults Performing the Warrior I Pose of Hatha Yoga. Med Sci Sports Exerc.  June 2011;43(5): S652. Abstract
  • R. Hashish, S. Samarawickrame, MY Wang, SY Yu, G. Salem.  Normalized Knee Extensor Strength and TUG Performance in Community Dwelling Older Adults. Physical Therapy  June 2011. Abstract
  • S D Samarawickrame, SUB Dassanayake, MJM Mikram, MA Goonasekera, WS Rathnaweera, DMSNB Dissanayake, SA Rajaratne.Changes in blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate after a training program in a group of schoolboy cricketers in Kandy. Physiological Society of Sri Lanka  June 2009.
  • S D Samarawickrame.  Accelerated treatment and rehabilitation after dislocation of the elbow – the experience of four rugby players. Kandy Society of Medicine, Sri Lanka 2008.
  • S D Samarawickrame. Rugby related injuries in a top division secondary school rugby team. Kandy Society of Medicine, Sri Lanka 2008.





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