Department of Community Medicine

Faculty of Medicine


Prof. A. Jayasinghe
Journal Publications 2013 - International
Kanda, K., Jayasinghe, A., Silva, K.T., Priyadarshani, N.G.W., Delpitiya, N.Y., Obayashi, Y., Arai, A., Gamage, C.D., Tamashiro, H., Religious leaders as potential advocates for HIV/AIDS prevention among the general population in Sri Lanka. Global Public Health, 2013. 8(2): 159-73.       
Prof. P.V.R. Kumarasiri
Journal Publications 2013 - International
Kumarasiri, P.V.R., Kularatne, S.A.M., Tennakoon, R., Gunawardana, N., Perera, U., Illeperuma, S., Among the risk factors of myocardial infarction, anthropometry has no association:  A case control study in the central region of Sri Lanka.  World Journal of Cardiovascular Disease, 2013 Jul. 3(4A): 01-05. 
Pinto, V., Varun, R., Wanasinghe, W.M.M.P.B., Jayasinghearachchi, T.M.K., Herath, H.M.T.A., Kumarasiri, P.V.R., A cross-sectional study of knowledge and attitudes of medical professionals towards end of life decisions in teaching hospitals of Kandy district, Sri Lanka. Anaesthesia, Pain and Intensive care, 2013 Jan-Apr. 17(1): 40-44. 
Prof. S.D. Dharmaratne
Journal Publications 2013 - International
Liu, Y., Neelawala G.W.P., Delpitiya, N.Y., Tsuneta, M., Jayasinghe, C., Jayasinghe, A., Darmarathne, S.D., Obayashi, Y., Arai, A., Lee, R.B., Tamashiro. H., Older persons’ preferences for long term care and associated factors:  Evidence from Sri Lanka.  Asia Pacific E Journal of Health Social Science, 2013, Jun. 2(1): 1.
Dr. T.M.S.U.B. Thennakoon
Journal Publications 2013 - International
Tennakoon, S.U., Kumar, B.N., Meyer, H.E., Differences in selected life style risk factors for cardiovascular disease between Sri Lankans in Oslo, Norway and in Kandy, Sri Lanka.  Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, 2013[Epub ahead of print]           
Tennakoon, S.U.B., Kumar, B.N., Selmer, R., Mikram, M.J.M., Meyer, H.E., Differences in predicted cardiovascular risk in sinhalese and tamils in sri lanka compared with Sri Lankans in Norway. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, 2013 Nov. 25: 452-62.