Conduction of Field polyclinics
The Department of Community Medicine conducts the monthly maternal and child care clinics of the Doluwa Health division with the assistance of it’s staff members who are all medical officers, whereby they examine all those who attend the clinic and where relevant, treat and refer them for further follow ups. They also take this opportunity to teach the undergraduates and get them also involved with the clinics.

The polyclinic includes the health examination of

  • Pregnant mothers
  • Lactating mothers
  • Infants
  • Pre-school children and also the Family Planning clinic and the “Well Women” clinic.

Conduction of School Medical Inspections

The Community medicine department also conducts the School Medical Inspection of the schools in the Doluwa Health division and is conducted every month with the help of the local Public health inspectors. Almost all schools in the area are supervised and the inspection is done mainly on the Year 1, 4 and 7 students. Here too, all staff members and the undergraduate students join the inspection and the students get their required field training while the school children are examined and their problems addressed. The Rubella vaccination programme is also carried out along with this.

Conduction of workshops on research methodology for medical officers following postgraduate studies

The department also conducts teaching workshops on the conduction of medical research and data analysis for postgraduate students of community medicine and also for practising medical officers, who are conducting their own research on their subjects of interest. The department staff also helps them in their statistical analysis of the data and in arriving at conclusions which are statistically acceptable.

  • Health Education Programs
  • In-service Training of the field staff
  • Training Programmes and In-service Training of the health volunteers



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