Directors of the Medical Education Unit

Prof T. Varaguman
January 1973 – October 1980

Dr. Palitha Abeykoon
November 1980 – August 1982
Dr. P. T. Jayawickramarajah
September 1982 – May 1984
Dr. Gamini Premadasa
June 1985 –  October 1987
Prof. K. Jayasena
March 1988 –  December 1989
Dr. Ranil Abeyasinghe 
January 1990 – May 1994 
Dr. Nimal D. Kasturiaratchi
June 1994 – August 2003
Prof. Ananda S. B. Wijekoon
September 2003 – September 2005
Dr. T. N. C. Athuraliya
December 2005 - 2008

Workshops held for the past 15 years

Date Name of the workshop

23-25th February 1995

Production of Medical illustrations

29 May- 9th June 1995

Workshop on Educational Science

24th-26th April 1996

Relevance of social Science to Medicine

26th-30th June 1996

Regional workshop on Medical Ethics

28th  - 1st Nov. 1997

Regional workshop on Medical ethics

24th- 28th February 1997

Workshop on Medical ethics for WHO fellows

21st-Aug.1st 1997

Workshop on educational Technology

29th Sep.-3rd October 1997

Workshop on research Methodology

19th- 23rd October 1998

Regional Training workshop on Medical ethics for WHO fellows

13th- 14th November 1998

Workshop on Evaluation and Examinations in Microbiology

29th June- 9th July 1999

Workshop on educational Technology

3rd July- 14th July 2000

Workshop on educational Technology

5th- 6th August 2000

Workshop on Pre-clinical Curriculum revision

14th- 18th May 2001

Workshop on Research Methodology

27th- 29th July 2001

Workshop for continuing module development of the pre-clinical curriculum

10th-14th December 2001-31st Dec. (2001)- 4th January 2002

Workshop on Educational Technology

17th- 19th July 2002

Training workshop on Problem based Learning

7th-18th June 2004

Two week workshop on Educational Technology

19th November 2004

Sensitizing workshop on Conflict resolution

16th May 2005

Beyond 2004 program- Workshop on attitude building and Measurement

13th June 2005

Workshop on Evidence based Medicine

7th-8th July 2005

Workshop on small group discussions and Clinical case of relevance CCR

19th July 2005

Beyond 2004 Faculty academic program workshop on MCQ construction

18th January 2006

CCR workshop phase 1- CCR as a teaching tool in the beyond 2004 curriculum

11th, 15th and 17th may 2006

CCR phase 2 workshop- held in 3 sessions