Prof. Rasnayake M. Mudiyanse
Professor in Paediatrics
Office Address

Department of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya

Telephone: 0094-81-2396410

Educational/professional  Qualifications:

MBBS (SL), DCH(Cey), MD(Cey), MRCP(UK)


Workshops/ Seminars undergraduate or postgraduate, conducted on a regular basis

Conferences and Seminars Attended

  • First Pan Asia Thalassaemia Management and Prevention 3rd to 5th Novemebr 2011 in Bangkok Thailand
  • National Family Medicine course from 20th to 23rd Oct 2011 Las Vegas USA
  • 8th Asia Pacific conference on Medical Education Singapore,
  • 9th international educational course on clinical management of thalassaemia and other Hb disorders , Nicosia Cyprus – 17th -21st 2004
  • 10th international conference on thalassaemia & Haemoglobinopathies – Dubai United Arab Emiratus 7-10 Jnaury 2006
  • 15th international Conference on Oral Chelation in treatment of thalassaemia and other diseases – Taichun, Taiwan
  • 2nd European Academy of Paediatrics Nice France October 24-28 2008   
  • Workshop on Management of Dengue/DHF/DSS Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health Thailand 10th 21st May 2010
  • APLS instructor course September 2008 Adelaide Australia
  • Neonatal Life support course ( NLS UK ) September 2006 Lady Ridgeway Hospital Colombo Sri Lanka 
  • WHO collaborated Ventilation workshop 22nd 23rd November 2008  Lady Ridgeway Hospital Colombo Sri Lanka 
  • Certificate course in Research Ethics 24th and 25th April 2008 Colombo
  • Workshop on ‘Birth Defects  Monitoring and Research’ organized International Clearing House for Birth Defects ( ICBD) Strasburg France November 1998
  • Workshop on ‘ Touchers Victim Rehabilitation and counselling’ Copenhagen Denmark March 1995 

National and international contributions

Invited Lectured Delivered and contributions as a resource person in seminars

    1. Invited guest speaker for the First Pan Asia Thalassaemia Management and Prevention 3rd to 5th Novemebr 2011 in Bangkok Thailand
    2. Organizer of the one day seminar on Paediatric Emergencies for Wayamab Clinical society 26th Sept 2011
    3. Organizer and resource person of one day Seminar on Growth and Maturation PGIS University of Peradeniya Sept 2011
    4. Regular Instructor of the Advanced Paediatric Life Support courses in Sri Lanka conducted by the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians
    5. Resource person for  Training Instructors for Advanced Paediatric Life Support courses in Sri Lanka, conducted by the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians in collaboration with APLS group Australia
    6. Regular Instructor of the Neonatal Life Support Courses in Sri Lanka, Conducted by the Sri Lanka Collage of Paediatricians
    7. Resource person for educational programs on ‘Clinical Management of Dengue’ conducted by the Sri Lanka Medical Association 
    8. Resource person for workshop on clinical audit conducted by Foreign Placement Coordinating Center Colombo 7th December 2008 
    9. Resource person for workshop on Emergency Medicine conducted by the Sri Lanka Association of Critical Care & Emergency Medicine Colombo 11th November 2006
    10. Seminar on Management of Dengue Organized by Kandy Society of Medicine Kandy 3rd March 2010
    11. Lecture on Thalassaemia Kandy Society of Medicine 23rd November 2005
    12. Lecture on Thalassaemia Prevention 23rd August 2006
    13. Lecture on Clinical Audit – Uva Clinical society 31st October 2008
    14. Lecture on ‘Communication to Improve the Quality of Patient Care’ Matale Clinical society 5th October 2008
    15. Lecture on Feeding Your Child for Healthy Future Kandy 21st May 2008
    16. Fever Fits and Sepsis Kandy 25th March  2007

Any other contributions


  • About Thalassaemia ( Translation of the TIF Publication)
  • About beta Thalassaemia ( Translation of TIF Publication
  • CePELS Course Manual
  • Mudiynase R.M. Public opinion survey on Prevention of Thalassaemia in Uva Province of Sri Lanka Haemoglobin    
Current positions, Membership
  • Member of National Thalassaemia Committee
  • Member of National Dengue Management Committee
  • Member of the subcommittee on Advance Paediatric Life Support
  • Instructor in Sri Lanka Advanced Paediatric Life Support group
  • Instructor in Sri Lanka Neonatal Life Support group
  • Course Organizer for Central Province Paediatric Life Support Course
  • Chairmen Technical committee of Wayabma Thalassaemia Elimination Project 
  • Member of Sri Lanka Pain association
Posts and Positions held
  • President Peradeniya Medical Students Alumni Association 2009 - 2010
  • Committee Member Sri Lanka Collage of Paediatrician   2008 – 2009
  • Organizer of the Sri Lanka Association for Nurses in Paediatrics  2009
  • National committee member on Children with Disabilities              2008
  • President Uva Thalassaemia Association                                       2006
  • Organizer of the Uva Paediatric Life Support course                      2006
  • President Uva Clinical Society                                                       2005
  • In charge Birth Defects unit Teaching Hospital Kandy                    1998
  • Counsellor of the Toucher  victim Rehabilitation Centre Kandy       1997
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