The major focus of the Department of Parasitology is in the implementation of teaching/learning activities in the discipline of medical parasitology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The department is also involved with educational activities relating to this discipline in other allied health sciences programs within and outside the Faculty of Medicine. The staff provides diagnostic and consultancy services in parasitic diseases to the state and private sector and is also engaged in research. With the availability of newer facilities such as cell culture, serodiagnostic and molecular diagnostic laboratory, the studies conducted by the department of Parasitology have stepped into a revolutionary era…
In the new undergraduate curriculum which was implemented from 2004, the teaching/learning activities of the department, along with that of the department of microbiology, have been incorporated into the discipline of infective diseases. The program comprises the early introduction of concepts, principles and definitions and the systematics of infective agents responsible for common infections followed by disease- based learning in the later years.





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