Department of Parasitology

Faculty of Medicine

Undergraduate teaching 

Department of Parasitology is involved in the teaching of following undergraduate courses currently.

  • MBBS Course
  • B.Sc in MLS Course (Faculty of Allied Health Sciences)

MBBS Course

  • In 2004 with the implementation of the new curriculum the department has joined with the department of Microbiology to make the discipline more relevant as a study of disease agents to cover all the micro and macro parasites including snakes of medical importance in a module named “Infection and Immunity”.

In the first year, students are introduces to concepts, definitions and principles of causation, diagnosis, prevention and control of infective diseases. In the 2nd year the emphasis is on the systematics of infective agents in order to appreciate the morphological and biological properties of infective agents. In the third year the learning activities are based on a disease perspective with knowledge and bench skills relating to the major infective disease of humans.

Yr & Sem.            Module                Credits       Content 
Y2S2                    Infection I             4                  General & systematic Parasitology (including bench skills)
Y3S2                    Infection II            2                  Clinical Parasitology
  • Students’ research projects are supervised by the senior lecturers of the department.
  • In addition to this the department is / will be contributing to the other system-based modules and multidisciplinary learning activities that are planned in the new curriculum.
MLS Course
Diagnostic Parasitology module for 3rd year students in B.Sc in medical laboratory sciences (MLS), Faculty of Allied Health Sciences.