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International student Electives

Please note that the Electives are available for international students only
Clinical program
Medical undergraduates from Universities around the world are eligible to apply for the elective clinical clerkships available in several different clinical disciplines.
The programs will be conducted at the Professorial Units, Teaching Hospital Peradeniya Students will be exposed to many different tropical diseases  as well as disease prevalent around the world. Students will be incorporated into the teaching schedule of the final year medical students and will be supervised by the consultants of the different disciplines.
Fees- 25 US dollars per week per student (with effect from 1st January 2019)– this can be paid after commencing the program
Please contact the Head of the department responsible for each elective program if you need further details or clarifications
Other programs
Programs are also available in preclinical and para-clinical disciplines These programs are available to , Undergraduates and Postgraduates with a medical/science background
Please write to the head of the responsible department for fee structure and eligibility












Programs available

  Clinical programs
  Program Responsible department
Medicine Dept. of Medicine
Surgery Dept. of Surgery
Gynaecology Dept. of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Obstetrics and Labour room management Dept. of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Paediatrics and Neonatology Dept. of Paediatrics
Psychiatry Dept. of Psychiatry
Radiology Dept. of Radiology
Emergency Medicine Dept. of Medicine and Anaesthesiology
Anaesthesiology and critical care Dept. of Anaesthesiology
Haematology and clinical pathology Dept. of Pathology
Toxicology Dept. of Medicine and SACTRC
Forensic pathology Dept. of Forensic Medicine
  Other programs  
  Program Responsible department Fees Contact for further details
  Cadaveric dissections and clinical anatomy Dept. of Anatomy 350 US$ for the course jayamkd@yahoo.com
Sports science Dept. of Physiology
Neurophysiology Dept. of Physiology
Nutrition science Dept. of Biochemistry and Physiology
Public health Dept. of Community Medicine
Infectious diseases Dept. of MicrobiologyParasitology  and Medicine
Molecular biology Dept. of Anatomy, BiochemistryMicrobiology and  Parasitology




















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