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Many stalls as well as super markets within a reasonable distance from the University are engaged in selling grocery items. The price list of some house-hold grocery items can be found in the table on cost of living
Telecommunication and Internet
Cellular phones are freely available in the Sri Lanka and so are the internet facilities. The Faculty of Medicine has a well-equipped e-library. In addition, four wifi zones are operating within the premises of the Faculty of Medicine enabling the students to access the internet free of charge. Information regarding the telecommunication, internet and cable TV service providers in the area can be obtained from the following links:
Banking and ATM Facilities
Three ATM machines are located within the walking distance from the Faculty of Medicine accepting Master, Mastro and Visa ATM cards. In addition, almost all the leading banks in Sri Lanka have their braches within 10 km from the University of Peradeniya. Details regarding some of the banks in Sri Lanka, their branches and the services could be obtained from the following links:
http://www.boc.lk http://unionb.com  
http://www.peoplesbank.lk http://www.nationstrust.com  
http://www.nsb.lk http://www.dfcc.lk  
http://www.sampath.lk http:/www.ndbbank.com  
http://www.commercialbank.net http://www.cdb.lk
http://www.hnb.net http://www.mbslbank.com  
http://www.hsbc.lk http://www.eseylan.com  
The students of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya are entitled to seek for treatment from the Health Center of the University of Peradeniya (http://www.pdn.ac.lk/uop/about/service_canters/helthcenter.html). The students who need further care may be referred to the Teaching Hospital, Peradeniya (http://www.health.gov.lk/wp/?p=459) or the Dental Hospital, Peradeniya (http://www.pdn.ac.lk/dental/dental/DHospital/index.html)
However, the students may also seek for medical attention from the private hospitals and dispensaries in the area. A list of registered pharmacies, which are licensed to issue medication based on a prescription given by a medical practitioner can be found at: http://goo.gl/LJER6S
During the weekends and University vacations the students get an opportunity to travel. The students may refer the following web links regarding outstanding tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.
Details regarding the registered travel agents in Sri Lanka offering services for travelling, including accommodation and meals could be found at: http://www.travelagentsofsrilanka.com/members.php
Students who wish to travel on a lower budget may opt one of the taxi / cab services for travelling.
www.kandycabs.net www.nanocallcabs.com  
www.srilankaderana.com www.mahaweli.lk  
www.citycabskandy.com www.dumbaracabs.com  
The students of the Faculty of Medicine are entitled to apply for the membership of the gymnasium, grounds, tennis and basketball courts and the swimming pool of the University of Peradeniya (http://www.pdn.ac.lk/uop/cl/sports.html). The students also get the opportunity to spectate the dramas and concerts held at the Prof. Ediriweera Sarathchandra Open Air Theatre (http://drama.lk/theatre/prof-ediriweera-saraschandra-open-air-theatre/). The students who wish may become members of the DramSoc (an English drama and literature society) and the music society to take part in drama festivals and concerts organized by the respective societies. The explorer’s club of the University organizes regular hikes and camps in pristine reservoirs such as Hantana and Knuckles mountain ranges.
University of Peradeniya inhabits a Buddhist Temple, a Hindu Kovil, a Mosque and a Catholic Church. Weekly meditation programmes conducted in English medium are held within the nearby Subhodaramaya International Buddhist Center (www.subodha.org/ ). Those students who wish to seek inner peace through meditation may choose to reside in the myriad of meditation centers in Sri Lanka during the University vacations to learn and practice.

Living in Peradeniya

Hosting thousands of students of the University of Peradeniya, the hospitable neighborhoods of Peradeniya and Kandy could be kept in par with the vicinity of any other International University, dedicated to provide all the services the Undergraduate and the Graduate students may require

The map outlines the services available within the walking distance from the Faculty of Medicine.


Restaurants within the city of Kandy suit a wide range of dining preferences and range from quite inexpensive to five-star quality. Details regarding the locations of the restaurants could be found at : http://www.tasty.lk/kandy/restaurants





















































































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