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Why should you study at the Faculty of Medicine – University of Peradeniya?

  • Sri Lanka’s leading and the largest University
  Spanning across 700 hectares of land in the Mahaweli flood plain, University of Peradeniya is the largest University in Sri Lanka and is one of the largest Universities in Asia. The University has been ranked as the best University in Sri Lanka in Research by ResearchGate in 2013 and is the only Sri Lankan University to be ranked based on the academic performance by URAP.  
  • Great teaching, learning and research culture
  Faculty of Medicine of the University of Peradeniya has significantly contributed to the achievement of the above status by maintaining high standards in undergraduate and post-graduate teaching and research, with the staff and the students of the Faculty contributing to numerous break-through research projects and publications. Alumni of the Faculty are in highest positions all-over the world, being appreciated for their high standards of skills and knowledge, reflecting the quality of education and training the Faculty is providing the students with.  
  • Range of programmes and courses
  The Faculty offers a range of courses aiming a variety of students ranging from the undergraduate MBBS program and elective courses for pre-clinical, para-clinical and clinical undergraduates up to the level of postgraduate doctoral and post-doctoral programs. The elective programs are designed aiming the medical and health science undergraduates from different parts of the world to get exposure to the variety of diseases and conditions, some of which are seen only in tropical countries like Sri Lanka. Special programs, such as the gross Anatomy program with an elective dissection component, are conducted to give a better understanding to undergraduates and post-graduates on basic sciences  
  • Wide exposure to tropical disease and conditions
  Sri Lanka, being an Island with a tropical environment, is rich not only with a great diversity of the flora and fauna but also for a variety of tropical diseases. The elective students will have a wide exposure to many of such conditions, which are otherwise accessible only through texts and images, and the clinical features and management of such conditions, under the close supervision of experience clinicians. The elective students will also get an opportunity to blend with the undergraduates of the Faculty, sharing the experiences.  
  • Calm and peaceful environment
  On a site that touches the lower slopes of the lush mountains of Hanthana, University of Peradeniya is famous for its natural beauty. The university is in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, eight kilometres from the sacred city of Kandy (the historic capital of the last kingdom of Sri Lanka) and about 110 kilometres from Colombo. A tourist attraction, Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya is close by. Most of the area remains afforested. Climate around the university is mild, and the temperature fluctuates between 18 to 30 degrees Celsius.  
  • Availability of a variety of recreational activities
  Local as well as international students will get the opportunity to enjoy the facilities of the well-equipped gymnasium, the swimming pool and the play grounds of the University. Recreational activities such as hikes in Hantana and Knuckles mountain ranges, dramas, cultural and musical concerts are organized by different societies of the Faculty and the University. The international students will also have the experience of visiting the relics and the temples of the Kandyan kingdom, many of which are situated within a 1 hour drive from the University premises.  


































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