In appreciation of Dr Sharmila Rajaratne

The student affairs committee wishes to thank the outgoing chairperson Dr Sharmila Rajaratne who was an active and inspirational person and is credited for resurrecting the student affairs committee and bringing it to the standard it is today. We wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.

New Entrants English and Orientation program 2014


The orientation program for the new entrants to the medical faculty (2013/2014 batch) was conducted from the 1st of December to the 19th of December 2014.

The students learnt English guided by the dedicated staff of the ELTU from 9 am to 1pm each day. The afternoons were spent getting used to the faculty and the teaching hospital.

Each student was allocated with a mentor and the students were introduced to each mentor on the second day of the program. Orientation lectures on English, curriculum matters, exam matters, counseling, e learning, use of the faculty web site and soft skills were also conducted on day two.

Academic staff members took groups of students around the faculty premises directing them to important places such as the medical library and the e library, dissection laboratory, physiology and biochemistry laboratories, dean’s office, curriculum coordinating office and the important notice boards.

Dr RM Mudiyanse organized a special session for the students at the teaching hospital aiming to get them used to communicating with patients from the very beginning. This session was very popular among the students and several academic staff members and clinical staff members participated in this program. Prof Chandrika Jayasinghe had a special lecture for them on empathy towards patients. A soft skills lecture on motivation was conducted by Mr Mohan Palliyaguru, session being organized by Dr Yasitha Illangasekara.

Director of the Narcotic bureau visited the faculty and instructed the students on the ever increasing problems created by narcotic abuse and stated the importance of keeping narcotics out of the university system.

Mr Anuja Mallawarachchi together with the student union organized a session on physical education with several programs to update students on the availability of sporting facilities in the gymnasium and the grounds.

The program culminated with a elaborate variety entertainment organized by the ELTU where the new entrants showcased their many artistic talents.
The program was organized by Dr Himani Amaratunga and Dr Champa Ratnatunga on behalf of the Student affairs committee. The organizes wish to thank, the head and staff of the ELTU with special thanks to Mr Deshan Rajaguru, the students union, the marshals office, library staff, Dr Chanika Alahakoon, Dr Dhilma Athapattu, Dr Keerthie Dissanayake, Dr Padmini Dahanayake and Dr Samidi Navaratne for their kind contribution.

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