MEU induction program  February - May 2017

Induction program for academic staff of faculties of Health Sciences organized by the Medical Education Unit (MEU), Faculty of Medicine, University of  Peradeniya  was completed on  2nd  May 2017.

The participants were eight  probationary staff members of the Faculty of Medicine and one staff member of the faculty of Dental Science,  University of Peradeniya.   The MEU organized induction Program consisted of  sessions on teaching learning and student assessment  more focused on training Health care professionals as well as  communication skills, program evaluation, professional development  and Research methodologies in education.
The participants also  followed  common   lectures on the University system  that were part of the induction program organized by the staff development centre,  University of Peradeniya  in the January –March  2017 program.  

This arrangement was worked out   by the MEU  following the request from Director SDC to  work out a mechanism for collaboration between the two centres .  It created an opportunity for academic staff  of the Medical and Dental Faculty to  meet and interact with their colleagues in other faculties of the University of Peradeniya  while  undergoing more focused training  in teaching learning and assessing in the Health Sciences.  

The MEU  acknowledge with thanks the contributions made by the extremely cooperative team of resource persons. They included  experienced senior staff from Faculties of Medicine, University of Peradeniya and Colombo and those from Faculty of Dental Sciences, Agriculture , Science and Arts of the University of Peradeniya.

Finally the  participants who completed  the assignments  and maintained satisfactory attendance at sessions   were awarded certificates .   

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