An awareness workshop on ’ mindfulness and compassion – brief interventions’

An awareness workshop on’ mindfulness and compassion – brief interventions’ was conducted by Dr. Nishanthi  Dolage, who is  currently working as a consultant psychiatrist at Lancashire care NHS foundation trust ( LCFT) and has 18 yrs of consultant experience of which 6 years at Sri Jayewardenepura University and Colombo South Taeching hospital. She has been trained in most of the 3rd wave psychological therapies, and earned teacher status  but not trainer status . She has obtained MA in the mindfulness based therapies from Bangor University, Wales UK.

The above workshop was held on Thursday, 7th September in the MEU auditorium with the participation of 15 academic staff members.

The participants rated it as an effective workshop and were of the view it is an area that is important for personal and professional development of undergraduate students and hence should be included in  soft skills program. 


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