There are many undergraduates at the Faculty of Medicine who are facing severe financial constraints, due to, unemployment of parents, heavy expenditure on the family due to other siblings being unemployed or studying, poor health conditions of the parents/siblings, single parent family either due to loss or separation – just to name a few.
Therefore the Faculty of Medicine is actively looking for generosity of the public and Alumni to help needy students.

There are two ways of helping;
By supporting a student/s on regular basis
By donating a lump sum and earned interest for bursaries

The students will be selected after an interview held by a committee comprising of the Dean, Chairperson Scholarships Committee, Chairperson Student Affairs’ Committee and a Senior Student Counselor.  The details of the student will be provided to the donor, who has the discretion of selecting a student.
The student will be expected to sign a document agreeing to pay back the loan to the same fund, which in turn can be used to help other needy students.
Donors could support one or more students and they will be informed of the academic progress of recipients, at the end of each semester ,by the Dean. Donors may meet the recipients if they desire to do so, at the beginning .The faculty encourages the recipients to meet the donor after completing the MBBS course.

Donation can be made to the Medicine Faculty Research and Funds A/C;

Bank : People’s Bank (Peradeniya Branch)
A/C#: 057-1-001-8-3373667
Swift Code: PSBKLKLX
Bank Code: 7135
Branch Code:057

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