Microbiology Department to expand Medical Mycology services after the Delhi University Training Program for a laboratory technologist


Medical mycology laboratory work started in the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya in 2007. Due to lack of expertise and resources we started Medical mycology laboratory diagnosis for dermatological samples, however, we had to entertain other samples subsequently, since the General and Base Hospitals in the Central Province started to send specimens for mycology laboratory investigation.

However, absence of skills and services of a trained laboratory technologist, led the Department to face problems in making the mycology laboratory investigation on several specimens that were entertained by us with great enthusiasm. However, we managed at least do a good job using the text books and the electronic information for the identification of fungal organisms. The dearth of technical knowledge in the identification and the absence molecular biological skills made our task difficult.
As a result of working with Dr. Faseeha Noordeen (Head of Department of Microbiology) and Prof. S. N. Arsekularatne with the collaboration of University of Delhi, India, Vallahbhdai Patel Chest Institute has offered two months training opportunity for a technical officer on Advance Medical Mycology. The training will provide basics of isolation, morphologic and molecular identification of the pathogenic fungi. Besides, training would impart hands on training in Myco-serologic techniques and Antifungal susceptibility testing methods. Therefore, after getting skills through this training program, the Department will be able to do most of the pabtient diagnostic tests, undergraduate and postgraduate practical components and research work comfortably. The Head of Department has nominated Mr. M. H. Wijedasa who is the most suitable technical officer in Medical Mycology and interested in the subject with a great enthusiasm as he has some basic knowledge on Mycology from his BSc. In biology (Open university of Sri Lanka).