Pre hospital Emergency Care (Ambulance Management) Training Program

Pre hospital Emergency Care (Ambulance Management) Training Program was successfully conducted by the Health Emergency and Disaster Management Training Centre (HEDMaTC), Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya in collaboration with the South Australian Paramedics Abroad (SAPA). It was held from the 12th to 16th and 21st to 23rd of August 2013 at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya. The nurses course was held as a seven day program where the Ambulance drivers joined in for the 21st and 22nd for their program. The doctor’s course was held on the 22nd and the 23rd of August 2013. The participants included the Medical Officers, nurses, nursing sisters and Ambulance drivers attached to the hospitals of the Kandy district. 24 Doctors, 29 Nurses and 17 Ambulance drivers participated in the above training program. The training program was conducted by David Stevenson, Frank Atkinson, Pat Thomas and Margret White from the South Australian paramedics Abroad (SAPA).
Nurses and Ambulance drivers Course – 12th to 16th, 21st and 22nd of August 2013
Doctors Course – 22nd and 23rd of August 2013

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