News Of Psychiatry Department

Dr.G.S.S.R.Dias -Public Lectures

  • Parenting workshop at the Central Hospital
  • Childhood mental health problems for teachers, GaminiMadyamahaVidyalaya, NuwaraEliya
  • Identifying childhood problems, teachers at Lyceum International School, NuwaraEliya
  • Identifying mental health problems for Estate Medical Practitioners at NuwaraEliya District
  • Identifying childhood mental health issue at EcoleInternaltional School, Digana
  • Identifying childhood mental health issue at Lady Gorden Drive Kandy
  • Chief guest at the science exhibition at the Ecole International School, Digana campus
  • Key note speaker at the science day celebration at HemamaliBalikaVidyalaya
  • Advisor for the debating team of the school
  • Elected – the co-editor of the Sri Lanka Journal of Medicine
  • Resource person at the sexual medicine workshop organized by the Kandy Society of Medicine on the 50th anniversary celebration
  • Communication skills for academic mentors, Faculty of Medicine- two days

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