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The Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE) program, implemented through the Reintegration and Stabilization in the East and North (RISEN) program, seeks to improve prosecution rates of perpetrators of sexual violence in Sri Lanka through the provision of evidence collection kits, specialized professional training on forensic evidence collection from victims of sexual assault and support to universities with forensic medicine departments. The SAFE program aims to increase prosecution of perpetrators of sexual crimes through improved response to victims by the medical community, better quality evidence collection and stronger coordination with local authorities. In addition, incidences of sexual assault and sexual abuse are expected to decrease through the successful prosecution and sentencing of offenders.

Program Activities

A sexual assault forensic evidence collection kit, including detailed instructions and tools to collect and store evidence has been provided to university forensic medicine departments and targeted hospitals. Specialized training was provided to designated medical professionals across the country to improve evidence collection and to provide victim centered care. In addition to promoting justice though the provision of forensic evidence kits and training to those directly involved, complementary public awareness campaigns and community based initiatives will be implemented. Support to universities with forensic medicine departments including provision of equipment and library resources has been done.

Activities include :

· Provision of forensic evidence kits to targeted hospitals.
· Curriculum forums to develop specialized training for improved forensic e evidence collection and healthcare response.
· Specialized training for Judicial Medical Officers and designated healthcare providers on sexual assault forensic evidence collection.
· Small Grants Program for partners and local communities with a focus on coordinated response, prevention and empowerment.
· Social media campaign.

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