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  Communication skills development through student assignments (eCSSA)        
  Respiration & Gas Exchange  

Time Table (Week 1- 3)

Time Table (Week 4 - 9)

  Blood & Circulation      
  Alimentation Veiw Time Table      
  Excretion & Reproduction View Time Table      
  Nervous System View Time Table      
  Endocrine Function, Homeostasis & Metabolism View Time Table      
  Growth, Development, Nutrition & Ageing

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  Integrated Human Biology Modules Time Table (week 1)
Time Table (Week 2 and 3)

Time Table (Week 4 onwards)
  Foundation in Pathology  and Foundation in Clinical Pathology

Time Table

  Foundation in Pharmacology Time Table      
  Systematic Pathology – I & Systematic Pharmacology – I Module Pharmacology Objectives Time Table      
Systematic Pathology Objectives
  Growth, Development, Nutrition & Ageing (2) / Infection – 2 Objectives Time Table      
  Infection - 2 (Clinical Microbiology and Parasitology)  Objectives          
  Systematic Pathology – II & Systematic Pharmacology - II/ Infection Objectives- Systematic Pathology II
Objectives- Systematic Pharmacology - II
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  4th Year Afternoon Lecture Programme 

Time Table (new)

Time Table W 13 & 14

  4th Year Afternoon Lecture Programme 
DIS Module 5


Time Table W1 - W14






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