Foundation to Human Anatomy, Biomolecules and Metabolism , Anatomy of Limbs, Communication, Learning and Research

Time Table (Week 1)
Time Table (1)
Time Table (W9 - W14)
Time Table (W9 new)
Time Table (W10 - W14)
  Anatomy of Thorax and Abdomn Objectives

Time Table (Week 1 - Week 15)

  Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Alimentary Functions Objectives      
  Biochemical basis of Cardiorespiratory functions, Alimentation and Nutrition Objectives
  Neuroanatomy, Head and Neck Objectives

Time Table (Week 1 - Week 16)

Time Table - new (6th Week onwards)

  Genitourinary system, Pelvis and Perineum Objectives      
  Neuroendocrine functions, Excretion and Reproduction Objectives      
  Biochemical basis of Neuroendocrine, Excretory and Reproductive functions Objectives


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