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Professor Ananda Jayasinghe


  Email: ajaya@pdn.ac.lk    
TP Number: 94 – 81 – 2396490/94    
Fax: 94 – 81 – 2389106    
Official Address  : Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka  
Educational Qualifications
  • MBBS (SL), DCH (UK), DLSH&TM (Lond) , MSc (Lond), FRCP (Glasg), FRCP (Lond) 
Research interests
  • Community Child Health & Rabies
Positions Held        
  • Regional Secretary / HSR (Health System Research) Programme 1995 to 1997
  • Founder President of KACPAW (Kandy Association of Community Protection through Animal Welfare) 1999 to 2007
  • Convenor of SLMA (Sri Lanka Medical Association) Committee on Communicable diseases (National Level), between 2000-2001
  • Chairman of International conference on “Humane Stray Dog control for Eradication of Rabies in Sri Lanka held on the 7th & 8th of September 2002 at PGRC, Kandy
  • Chairman of the 6th International Medical Congress organized by the Peradeniya Medical School Alumni Association (PeMSAA) and Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya held in December 2002, Kandy.
  • President / Kandy Society of Medicine  from February 2007 to February 2008
  • Director / Skills Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya 2006 - 2012
  • Chairman of International conference on “Humane Stray Dog control for Eradication of Rabies in Sri Lanka held on the 7th & 8th of September 2002 at PGRC, Kandy
  • Head, Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya – 2007 – 2009 (three years)
  • KSM Oration 2003 - on “Rabies Control in Sri Lanka: Is it at the Crossroads?”(KSM- Kandy Society of Medicine)
  • Presidential Awards for Research – 2000, 2003 & 2005
Research – (selected)        
  • Thyroglobulin autoantibodies in iodized subjects: relationship between     epitope  specificities and longitudinal antibody activity.
    Okosieme OE, Premawardhana LD, Jayasinghe A, Kaluarachi WN, Parkes AB, Smyth PP, Lejeune PJ, Ruf J, Lazarus JH. Thyroid. 2005 Sep;15(9):1067-72.
  • Sequential studies on thyroid antibodies during pregnancy. Smyth PP, Wijeyaratne CN, Kaluarachi WN, Smith DF, Premawardhana LD, Parkes AB, Jayasinghe A, de Silva DG, Lazarus JH.
    Thyroid. 2005 May;15(5):474-7.
  • Iodine prophylaxis, goitre and thyroid autoimmunity in Sri Lanka.
    Wijeyaratne CN, Jayasinghe A, de Silva DG, Parkes AB, Lazarus JH, Premawardhana LD. Ceylon Med J. 2005 Mar;50(1):20-3.
  • A pilot study on the usefulness of information and education campaign materials in enhancing the knowledge, attitude and practice on rabies in rural Sri Lanka
  • Matibag GC, Ohbayashi Y, Kanda K, Yamashina H, Kumara BWR, Perera ING,  De  Silva DDN, Gunawardena GSP De S, Jayasinghe A, Ditangco RA, Tamashiro H  Journal of Infection in Developing Countries. 2009; 3(1):55-64.
  •  Current HIV/AIDS knowledge, perceptions and practices among the general population in Kandy, Sri Lanka: Program Implications. Kanda K, Obayashi Y, Jayasinghe A, Silva KT, Lee RB, Tamashiro H. 
    Journal of International Health, 25(1), 11-19, 2010.
  Text books published        
  1. Common Neonatal Problems  - ISBN 978-955-0270-06-4
  2. Community Child Development Assessment – ISBN 978-955-0270-05-7
  3. First Aid in Emergencies (co – author) – ISBN 978-955-0270-02-6
  4. Rabies : that dreadful disease –ISBN 978-955-0270-08-8
  5. History of Medicine – ISBN 955-98329-0-5
  6. In Honour of Herbert Allan Aponso, Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics  (compiled & edited)  - ISBN 978 – 955-0270-12-5
  Meberships in and other Associations      
  • Association for Research in Infancy and Child Development- ARCID (UK)
  • Peradeniya Medical Alumni Association – PeMSAA
  • University Alumni Association, University of Peradeniya
  • Alumni Association of London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (London)Sri Lanka Medical Association – SLMA
  • Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians – SLCP
  • Kandy Association Community Protection through Animal Welfare – KACPAW
  • Kandy Society of Medicine – KSM
  • Sri Lanka Nutritional Society
  Social service activities      

Honorary Consultant Paediatrician to Childrens orphanages in Kandy


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