Research and Training

  Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo (PGIM)  
  Many Faculty members are trainers of the PGIM, University of Colombo. Training of trainers, Examiner training, lectures and skill development sessions for postgraduate trainees of our faculty are as collaboration with PGIM.  
  The Faculty has collaborated with WHO to conduct research and training workshops on Non-Communicable diseases in Sri Lanka  
  Royal Free Hospital, United Kingdom  
  Paediatric renal transplantation was initiated with the visiting surgeon Dr Oswald “Ossie” Fernando from Royal Free Hospital, UK in 2004. This program has continued for 15 years now, performing more than 100 transplantations gaining international recognition. In addition to research articles on these transplantations, researchers such as Dr RS Trompeter from Royal Free Hospital have collaborated for research with the academic staff of Department of Paediatrics.  
  University of Bristol, United Kingdom  
  Department of Paediatrics collaborates with ‘Bristol Renal’ group from University of Bristol, UK to conduct clinical and laboratory research on proteinuric renal disease in children.  
  Hokkaido University, Japan  
  Faculty of Medicine has collaborated with Hokkaido University, Japan for mutual supervision and training of students who follow postgraduate qualifications from both countries. In addition, staff from our faculty contributes as resource persons for courses at Hokkaido University  
  Centre for Education, Research and Training on Kidney Diseases (CERTKiD)  
  (CERTKiD) which is affiliated to Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, focuses their research mainly on Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown Aetiology (CKDu). It collaborates with Deparment of Paediatrics to conduct screening programs at CKDu hotspots, educational workshops, clinical and laboratory research on CKDu.  
  South Asian Clinical Toxicology Research Collaboration (SACTRC)  
  SACTRC is a non-profit-generating organization supported by the University of Peradeniya and funded by competitive research grants. It is an international partnership of clinicians and researchers mainly from Australia, Sri Lanka, UK, Germany and Denmark. SACTRC works towards reducing morbidity and mortality from deliberate self-poisoning or accidental poisoning and envenomation, through community based public health interventions, clinical trials and research.  
  Texas Tech University, USA  
  Sudheera Kalupahana, Ph.D., acts as a visiting Associate Professor in the Nutritional Sciences Department at Texas Tech University.  
  Duke University, USA  
  Academic staff from the Department of Paediatrics has collaborated with Duke University in genetic research on Paediatric renal diseases, particularly on Nephrotic syndrome  

Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya
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