Workshop on Student Centred Learning by Dr. Joachim Perera (Senior Visiting Consultant)

"Workshop On Problem Based Learning and Developing SBA and EMIs in Basic Sciences", a session on Student Centred Learning and Problem Based Learning, was held on 11th October 2022 at the Faculty Board Room, under the organisation by the Department of Medical Education.

The session was facilitated by Dr. Joachim Perera, a surgeon and a former academic staff member of the Department of Anatomy, University of Colombo and International Medical University Malaysia. Currently serving as a senior consultant to the Faculties of Medicine of Moratuwa and Sabaragamuwa, Dr. Joachim Perera holds a wealth of experience on implementing PBL in an Asian setting and also in constructing SBA and EMI in basic sciences. He had been a resource person of similar workshops to many institutes.

The session commenced at 9:00am, with an attendance of around fifty participants, comprised the Dean, Professors, Senior Lecturers, Consultants, Temporary Lecturers affiliated to the faculty, as well as academic staff members representing the Dental and Veterinary Faculties of the University of Peradeniya. The highly interactive nature of the session and the helpful feedback provided by the facilitator received a multitude of positive comments by the attendees, and the session was concluded at 4:00pm after the delivery of certificates to the participants.


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