Foundation to Human Anatomy, Biomolecules and Metabolism , Anatomy of Limbs, Communication, Learning and Research

Time Table (Week 1)
Time Table (1)
Time Table (W9 - W14)
Time Table (W9 new)
Time Table (W10 - W14)
  Anatomy of Thorax and Abdomn Objectives

Time Table (Week 1 - Week 15)

  Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Alimentary Functions Objectives      
  Biochemical basis of Cardiorespiratory functions, Alimentation and Nutrition Objectives
  Neuroanatomy, Head and Neck Objectives

Time Table (Week 1 - Week 16)

Time Table - new (6th Week onwards)

  Genitourinary system, Pelvis and Perineum Objectives      
  Neuroendocrine functions, Excretion and Reproduction Objectives      
  Biochemical basis of Neuroendocrine, Excretory and Reproductive functions Objectives
  Foundation in Pathology Objectives Time Table (Week 1)

Time Table (W2 - W3)
Time Table (W4 onwards)

  Foundation in Pharmacology Objectives      
  Infection 1 Objectives      
  Doctor in Society Objectives


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