Orientation Programme

Time table (Week 6)
Time table (Week 7)
Time table (Week 8)
Time table (Week 9)
Time table (Week 10)
MED1101 Foundation to Human Anatomy Objectives Time Table (W1 - W2)
Time Table (W3 - W5)
Time Table (W6 - W14)
MED1102 Foundation to Human Physiology Objectives
MED1103 Biomolecules & Metabolism Objectives
MED1104 Anatomy of Limbs Objectives
MED1206 Anatomy of Thorax and abdomen Objectives Time Table (W1 - W16)
TT - Revised w13-w15
MED1207 Cardiovascular Respiratory and Alimentary Functions Objectives
MED1207 Biochemical basis of cardiorespiratory functions, alimentation and nutrition Objectives
MED2109 Neuroanatomy, Head and Neck Objectives Time Table (W1 - W17)
Concept map
MED2110 Genitourinary system, Pelvis and Perineulm Objectives
MED2111 Neuroendocrine function, Excretory and Reproduction Objectives
MED2112 Biochemica basis of Neuroendocrine function, Excretory and Reproduction Objectives
MED2113 Foundation in Pathology Objectives
MED2114 Foundation in Pharmacology Objectives
MED2115 Infection 1 Objectives
MED2116 CLR Objectives


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