Workshop on human structure for school teachers and students

Human biology is a subject included in the present school curriculum. The students and the teachers teaching human biology do not easily get an opportunity to handle real human organs/specimens and study them. They also lack the opportunity to discuss the subject with anatomists experienced in human structure.  
The Department of Anatomy is conducting a one-day workshop to address this need. Only 50 to 65 participants can be accommodated in one workshop. Both teachers teaching biology and their students can participate in the workshop. Each Student is charged an entry fee of Rs. 500/=. A minimum of 50 students should be there for us to arrange a workshop. The total amount of the payment can be taken from funds of the school or the Department of Education. Tea will be provided by the department. Participants need to bring their own lunch.
The schools interested in participating in this workshop should contact the workshop coordinator,

Prof. Sanjaya Adikari
Workshop Coordinator
Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine
University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya
Office: 081 2396267, Mobile: 071 4473890


How to reserve a workshop for your School

    • A minimum amount of Rs.5000.00 should be paid to the Peoples Bank Account No. 057-1001-83373667.
    • Name of Account holder to be written as Head/Anatomy.
    • Please clearly indicate the name of the School on the deposit slip.
    • Bank deposits slip should be sent to Head/Department of Anatomy by fax (Fax no. 081- 2389106) or by registered post.
    • Balance payment can be paid on the day of the workshop.

    Example of how to fill the bank deposit slip:-

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