Department of Anaesthesiology


 History of anaesthetists dates back to 1972. Initially anaesthetists were attached to the department of surgery. Later due to the need for training of medical officers in the specialty of anaesthesia on a large scale  to overcome shortage on  the country and to improve the quality of research work, clinical practice, medical teaching & examination a separate department was established in 1987.The goal of the department is to offer the best possible standards of teaching, research and clinical services in the area of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency medicine with in a framework of limited resources.

The principle developments which have taken place over more recent years are: 

  • Better post operative management , chronic non malignant and cancer pain

  • The development of better and safer anaesthetic drugs

  • Better and more reliable intra-operative monitoring techniques

  • Better understanding of the path physiology of critical illness and its treatment

  • Better understanding of respiratory mechanics with improvement in ventilator  techniques

  • Better understanding and treatment of what were often considered minor and 

  • unavoidable side effects of Anaesthesia. e.g. nausea and vomiting.


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