Completed Degrees

HECS KumaraMPhil, February 2022
Comparison of cognitive functions of patients with dementia, their unaffected siblings and healthy elderly without a family history of dementia.   
Supervisors: Prof. WDMTL Dassanayake, Dr. A Brabba

ARM SanoozMPil, January 2022
Outcome of radioiodine therapy in relation to the timing  with antithyroid drugs in patient with hyperthyroidism
Supervisors: Dr. DKK Nanayakkara, Dr. YA Illangasekera

MZ BadurdeenPhD, January 2022
Chronic Kidney Disease of Uncertain etiology in Sri Lanka : biomarkers for exploration of pathophysiology and early diagnosis  
Supervisors: Prof. NVI Ratnatunga, Dr. Nanayakkara , Dr. DTDJ Abeysekera

HPM HewavitharaneMPhil, January 2022
Environmental, biochemical, behavioral socio-economical, and health are factors influencing the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease of uncertain etiology (CKDu) Sri Lanka  
Supervisors: Prof. TMSUB Tennakoon, Dr. N Nanayakkara

ARMAU RathnayakeMPhil, January 2022
Investigating the potential of peer assessment and self assessment in nursing education  
Supervisors: Prof. DH Edussuriya, Prof. KN Marambe

MVM DivaratnePhD, August  2021
Development of PCR assay for diagnosis of trichomoniasis and molecular characterization of trichomonas vaginalis in Sri Lanka
Supervisors: Dr. EH Siriweera, Dr. SP Kodithuwakku

HMSP HerathMPhil, July  2021
Development of PCR assay for diagnosis of trichomoniasis and molecular characterization of trichomonas vaginalis in Sri Lanka
Supervisors: Dr. EH Siriweera, Dr. SP Kodithuwakku

HMRKG NandasenaMPhil, May 2021
Prevalence of selected cardiovascular disease risk factors in Sabaragamuwa province of Sri Lanka. A community based study  
Supervisors: Prof. TMSUB Tennakoon, Prof. RMPUK Ralapanawa

JAH SandarekaaMPhil, December 2020
Novel biomarkers of invasive breast carcinoma of no special type in premenopausal and postmenopausal women: An immunohisto chemical study
Supervisors: Dr. EH Siriweera, Dr. SP Kodithuwakku

ADP PereraMPhil, September 2020
Effects of respiratory muscle training programme on vetilatory functions, aerobic fitness and performance in professional male rowers in Sri Lanka Army
Supervisors: Prof. A Kariyawasam, Dr. AS Ariyasinghe

TW HettiarachchiPhD, September 2020
A study of natural history, clinical and pathological manifestations of Chronic Kidney Diseases of uncertain aetiology (CKD-u) in Sri Lanka and study the effects of achieving lower serum uric acid levels with allopurinol on rate of pregression and cardiovascular risk
Supervisors: Prof. S Wijetunga,  Prof. JGS Ranasinghe, Dr. N Nanayakkara

S GovipalgodaPhD, September 2020
Developing TONI (Test of Nonverbal Intelligence) 4 norms for a Sri Lankan population
Supervisors: Prof. T Rajapakshe, Prof. S Tennakoon

DWP DahanayakePhD, August 2020
Assessment of vision using pattern reversal evoked potentials, pattern electroretinogram and electrooculgram in patients with visual disorders
Supervisors: Prof. VS Weerasinghe, Dr. S Senanayake

MRS MuhandiramMPhil, July 2020
Establishment of low cost molecular diagnostic tools for early screening of human papillomia virus infection among Sri Lankan women
Supervisors: Prof. RMCJ Ratnayake, Dr. S Kodithuwakku, Dr. T Karunarathna

WBNT FernandoPhD, February 2020
Identification of template biomarker profile of Chronic Kidney Disease of uncertain etiology Sri Lanka and study the applicability of identified biomarkers in detection of at risk population, screening, diagnosis, staging and predicting complications
Supervisors: Prof. JGS Ranasinghe, Dr. N Nanayakkara, Dr. RMPM Rathnayake

RA Mohamed Rafeek, MPhil, January 2020
Distribution of influenza and para influenza viral types in children with acute respiratory tracts infection in a selected cohort of hospitalized children in Sri Lanka
Supervisors: Prof. F Noordeen and Prof. MFA Careem

AMSS AlahakoonMPhil September 2019
Prevalence of selected risk factors for and associations between maternal and foeto–placental factors among stillbirths in Kandy
Supervisors: Dr. C Ratnayake, Dr. EK Karunakaran, Prof. S Tennakoon

JANS Gunarathna Ph.D. July 2019
Isolation and molecular characterization of naegleria species water bodies of north western province of Sri Lanka
Supervisors: Prof. WMDR Iddawela, Prof. WDSJ Wickramasinghe

S Mayooran, MPhil, April 2019
Prevalence and risk factors of injuries related to running and rehabilitation of hamstring injuries related to running in athletes in Sri Lanka
Supervisors  : Dr. SDI Nanayakkara, Dr. RSB Kotakadeniya, Dr. AAJ Rajaratne

ST Sudeshika, MPhil, March 2019
Evaluation of treatment modalities for chronic kidney disease, when used in the patients of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology Sri Lanka
Supervisors  :  Dr. S Wijetunge, Dr. N Nanayakkara

PATM Wijerathna, PhD, March 2019
Studies on mechanisms of nephrotoxicity following self-poisoning with combination washing powder (Mixture of potassium permanganate and oxlic acid) and gloriosa superb (GLORY LILI) 
Supervisors  : Prof. DM Dissanayake, Prof. IB Gawarammana, Prof. N Buckly

GAM Prasadi, MPhil, February 2019
Factors affecting self – medication practices among Sinhala speaking mothers for preschool aged children Godakanda (East) Uluvitike area Southern Province Sri Lanka
Supervisors :  Prof. S Dharmaratne, Dr. L Senarathna, Prof. AH Dawson

HFS Fonseka, PhD, February 2019
To determine the effectiveness of low – dose cyproterone acetate / ethinylestradiol, desogestre/ ethinylestradiol and metformin on hirsutism, hormonal and metaboli parameters of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome
Supervisors :  Prof. N Kalupahana, Prof. IB Gawarammana, Prof. CN Wijeyaratne

LYV Pathirana, MPhil, January 2019
Epithelial mesenchymal plasticity in primary invasive carcinoma of the breast of no special type and lymph node metastases
Supervisors : Prof. SB Adikari, Dr. EH Siriweera,Dr. DH Amaratuna

VM Pathiraja, MPhil, December 2018
Epidemiology, choice of antidote and a model of cost effective antidote provision in parasitamolself poisoning in Sri Lanka
Supervisors : Prof. IB Gawarammana, Dr. SF Jayammanna, Prof. AH Dawson

AAC Alahakoon, MPhil, November 2018
Identification of a possible biomarker using single fiver electromyography in organophosphate poisoned patients Supervisors  : Prof. VS Weerasinghe, Prof. IB Gawarammana, Prof. T Dassanayake

RMIU Rathnayake, MPhil, September 2018
Assessment of new and established haematological and renal biomarkers in russell’s viper envenoming
Supervisors  : Prof. AMSDM Dissanayake, Prof. GK Isbister, Prof. N Buckly

SYD Sarathkumara, MPhil, August
Exposure hantavirus infection in a selected cohort of chronic kidney disease with uncertain aetiology(CKDu) patients and non – CKDu individuals in selected CKDu affected areas of Sri Lanka
Supervisors  :  Dr. CD Gamage, Dr. NishanthaNanayakkara, Dr. RGS Rajapakshe

TDP Nandadeva, MPhil, July 2018
Acclimatization to High Altitude : Effects on physiological and performance parameters in endurance athletes
Supervisors :  Prof. AMSDM Dissanayake, Dr. SDI Nanayakkara, Dr. AAJ Rajaratne

RDUP Sugathapala, MPhil, May 2018
Incidence of growth faltering, diarrhoeal and respiratory illnesses and feeding practices during bouts of illnesses among children between 3 to 4 years
Supervisors : Prof. TMSUB Tennakoon, Dr. T Kudagammana, Dr. A Balasuriya

GLS Galgamuwa, MPhil, April 2018
Clinical and immunological characterization and evaluation of therapeutic response in rheumatoid patients
Supervisors  : Dr. WMDR Iddawela, Prof. WDSJ Wickramasinghe

DRKC Dissanayake, MPhil, September 2017
Clinical and immunological characterization and evaluation of therapeutic response in Rheumatoid patients
Prof. C Jayasinghe, Dr. AjithSominanda, Dr. JK Dissanayake

BL Goonapienuwala, MPhil, August 2017
Prevalence of overweight and obesity and body image perception among schooling adolescents (aged 13 – 16 years)
Supervisors : Prof. S Siribaddana, Prof. NS Kalupahana, Prof. SB Agampodi

JAAS Jayaweera, MPhil, December 2017
Viral burden in acute respiratory tract infections in children in selected areas of Sri Lanka
Supervisors : Dr. F Noordeen, Dr. AJ Morel

GKM Godakumara, MPhil, June 2017
Evaluation of the effect of some selected plant extracts on bone formation using in vitro and in vivo studies
Supervisors :  Dr. CNRA Alles, Dr. PHP Fernando

EM Corea, PhD, August 2017
A nationwide survey of melioidosis in Sri Lanka
Supervisors  : Prof. V THevanesam, Prof. F Noordeen

PHGJ Pushpakumara, MPhil, May 2017
Epidemiiological pattern and associates of deliberate self – harm in Kurunegala district
Supervisors : Prof. SampathTennakoon, Prof. AH Dawson, Dr. R Abeysinghe

ALI Prasanna, MPhil, April 2017
Interventional study to evaluate the effectiveness of a muscle strengthening programme in a group of transtibial amputees in the Sri Lankan army
Supervisors  : Dr. A Kariyawasam, Dr. AAJ Rajaratne, Dr. SA Rajaratne

K Murugananthan, PhD, March 2017
Clinical and virologicp al features and immune and molecular diagnostic analysis of dengue virus infection in the Jaffna peninsula
Supervisors :  Prof. F Noordeen, Prof. MFA Careem

S Kannathasan, PhD, February 2017
Seroepidemiology and molecular characterization of entamoebahistolytica among amoebic liver obsess patients attending to the Teaching Hospital, Jaffna
Supervisors   : Dr. WMDR Iddawela, Prof. Nilanthi de Silva, Dr. R Haque

SMK Gamage, MPhil, January 2017
Clinical and paraclinical characteristic of a group of multiple sclerosis patients in Sri Lanka
Supervisors  :  Dr. Ajith Sominanda, Dr. Indunil Wijeweera,


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