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Dear colleagues & friends,

Globally, raised blood pressure is the leading risk factor accountable for over 10.4 million deaths per year. Its prevalence is rising in many Asian countries, including Sri Lanka. It causes premature vascular diseases leading to cerebrovascular accidents, ischaemic heart disease and peripheral vascular disease often without warning signs or symptoms; thus it is called a “silent killer”. This ”silent killer” can be controlled through screening, lifestyle modification and proper treatment. Despite having a free healthcare system in Sri Lanka and following internationally accepted guidelines, whether we have achieved adequate control in hypertension is questionable. Scarcity of studies related to hypertension in the Sri Lankan context is one of the major reasons for this.

Hypertension Research Centre Peradeniya (HRCPe) is a non-profit organization established with the intention of achieving excellence in Hypertension research. Further it facilitates collaborative research work, supervising and coordinating research degrees and fostering dissemination of knowledge in the field of Hypertension, raising public awareness, updating knowledge in hypertension among healthcare professionals and acting as a platform for interested bodies and alliances to work in collaboration to achieve the goal.

Following its establishment in 2021,at present HRCPe committee is actively involving to fulfil the goals of HRCPe. I warmly invite you to join hands with HRCPe to defeat this “silent killer”



Prof. Udaya Ralapanawa
Professor in Medicine
Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Tel : +94 81 238 8840 (Ext. 6470)
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