Biochemistry is a subject that imparts an understanding of all biochemical processes, and maintenance of integrity of living organisms. Almost all areas of life sciences are being supported by research in Biochemistry.Recent advances have been involved in developing new techniques in molecular biology, enabling major advances in diagnosis and therapeutics in medicine.

The Department of Biochemistry of Faculty of Medicine was established in 1961. Since then, we have been able to expand our expertise in the fields of teaching, research and postgraduate training programmes in collaboration with other Departments of the Faculty. Our undergraduate course covers biomoelcules, cellular biochemistry and metabolism, nutrition and molecular genetics pertaining to human body. This provides a sound foundation to understanding the disease processes and their management. The Department also participates in conducting the M.Sc. courses offered by the Postgraduate Institute of Science and supervising M.Phil. projects offered by the University.

Vision - The Department of Biochemistry aims to be a centre of excellence by developing, promoting and disseminating the knowledge of Biochemistry through education, research and continuous professional development.


  • To produce medical graduates with thorough understanding of the normal cellular functions and nutrition, and ability to correlate that knowledge in understanding basis of the derangements,disease diagnosis and management.
  • To actively participate in the process of advancement of the biomedical knowledge in the fields of biomoelcules, cellular biochemistry and metabolism, nutrition and molecular biology through integrating traditional teaching methods with innovative, high quality modern education principles.
  • To develop and maintain high quality education program to inculcate inquisitive minds with the ability of self-learning.


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