Major component of Community medicine in taught in two streams, namely Doctor in Society (DIS) stream and Communication, Learning and Research (CLR) streams.

Year two Semester 2(Y2S2)
  • The two credits DIS module mainly covers demography, environmental health, primary health care, injury prevention and medical sociology and
  • The 2 credit CLR module is on statistics.
In Year 3 Semester 1 (Y3S1)
  • The 2 credits CLR module covers research methods.
In Year 3 Semester 2 (Y3S2)
  • The 3 credits DIS module focuses mainly on Maternal and Child Health (MCH), occupational health, prevention, and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
Year 4 Semester 1 (Y4S1)
  • 1 credit Communication in health care module.
Year 4 semester 2 (Y4S2)
  • The 3 credits DIS module is on applied epidemiology, community pediatrics, health promotion, health economics and function and duties of special campaigns/units of the public health sector.
Research project
  • Students carry out a research project under the supervision of a senior academic for 4 credits and submit a project report which is evaluated at the end of Y4S2.
Public health practice
  • Students learn Public Health Practice for a duration of 1 month as a clinical appointment.
  • Evaluation of the students is carried out at end semester exams (SAQ/Essay/OSPE/viva)


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