Prof. Chamara Dalugama
Professor in Medicine
Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya.
+94 71 837 6540
Educational / Professional Qualifications
  • MBBS(Peradeniya) - 2013
  • MD (Colombo) - 2019
  • MRCP (UK) - 2019
  • FRCP (Edinburg) - 2022
  • MRCP (London) - 2019
  • MRCP (Glasgow) - 2019
  • MRCP (Acute Medicine) - 2019
  • MRCP (Diabetes and Endocrinology) - 2019
  • MRCP (Geriatrics) - 2022
Academic Positions
  • 2022-0000    Promoted to Full Professor in Medicine on merit on October 2022
  • 2021-2022    Senior Lecturer, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya and Consultant Physician, Teaching Hospital, Peradeniya
  • 2016-2022    Lecturer, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya
Awards and Commendations
  1. First class honours in 2nd, 3rd and final MBBS with distinctions in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Forensic Medicine, Community Medicine, Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics and ranked first in all-island common merit list in 2013
  2. Award for the best clinical teacher of the year of Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya 2018
  3. Best research paper at the Annual Academic Sessions of Kandy Society of Medicine 2012
  4. AMR STAFF AWARD July 2021 for the outstanding commitment to Delivery, Excellence and Compassion in Oxford University Hospitals 2021
  5. University scholarship for the second MBBS examinations
  6. Dr. C.E.S. Weerathunga Gold Medal for Second MBBS Examination
  7. Dr. Chalmers Gold Medal for Anatomy
  8. Dr. C.B. Dharmasena Gold Medal for Anatomy
  9. Emily Wickramanayaka scholarship for Biochemistry
  10. Arthur Fernando Memorial Prize
  11. Prize for the best project in physiology endowed by Mr. Kinsley Wickramasuriya in memory of Mrs. Mildred Mendis.
  12. H.J. Hazari Gold Medal
  13. Punchi Banda Panabokkke Memorial Prize for Forensic Medicine
  14. Irene Maralanda Panabokke Memorial Prize for Pathology
  15. Punchi Banda Panabokke and Irene Maralanda Panabokke Memorial Scholarship
  16. Loos Gold Medal for Pathology
  17. G.E. Thennakone Prize for Pathology
  18. V. Sivalingam Memorial Prize in Parasitology
  19. Craib Prize for Pharmacology
  20. University Prize for Academic Excellence
  21. Perry Exhibition Prize
  22. Naomi Thiagarajah Memorial Prize For Midwifery
  23. H.M.Peiris Prize For Obstetrics & Gynecology
  24. Rockwood Gold Medal For Surgery
  25. Garvin Gold Medal For Operative Surgery
  26. Dhandishaw Dadhabhoy Gold Medal for Medicine
  27. Maneckbai Dadhabhoy Gold Medal for Midwifery
  28. A.C.Fernando Prize in Surgery
  29. Herbert Aponso Prize In Pediatrics
  30. Kingsly De Silva Prize for Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  31. Prof. Senaka Bibile Commemoration Scholarship for Pharmacology given by the State Pharmaceutical Corporation for the excellence in pharmacology.
Academic Positions or Ranks
  • Examiner- Final MBBS, BDS and ERMP examinations
  • Secretary, Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine 2023
  • Chairperson, Board of Study Clinical Sciences, Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences 2023
  • Secretary, Scholarship Committee, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya 2023
  • Secretary, Clinical Curriculum Development Committee, Faculty of Medicine 2022-2023
  • Coordinator, Centre for Research in Tropical Medicine, University of Peradeniya 2023
  • Member, Snakebite expert committee, Sri Lanka medical association
  • Convenor, Infectious Disease Subcommittee, Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine
  • Coordinator, Personal and Professional Development Stream, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya
  • National Coordinator, Medical students’ forum, Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine
  • Council member, Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine 2021
  • Council member, Sri Lanka Hypertension Society 2018-2021
  • Council member, Hypertension Research Centre, Peradeniya 2020-2022
  • Council member, Centre for Research in Tropical Medicine 2019-2023
  • Academic coordinator- MD part 2 examination, PGIM 2022
  • Editor-in-chief, Peradeniya Medical School Research Conference (PEMSARC 2022)
  • Academic Counsellor 2016-2023
  • Member, Career Guidance Unit 2022-2023
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