Department of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

Academic Programme

Department conducts teaching programmes for undergraduate medical and dental students and for postgraduates.
Undergraduate programme
The Department of Medicine is responsible for organizing, conducting and supervising the teaching programme in clinical medicine for medical and dental undergraduates.  Each year the Department trains about 180-200 medical undergraduates and 70-80 dental undergraduates.
Academic programme offered to medical undergraduates

 The undergraduate programme is designed to equip the student with clinical skills and scientific knowledge to practise effectively as competent medical professionals. 

The programme begins in their second year of the medical school with an introduction to clinical medicine.  Thereafter the students go for two eight week appointments in General Medicine with specialty training of 2-4 weeks each in cardiology, nephrology, neurology, rheumatology , endocrinology, haematology, dermatology, oncology, respiratory medicine, tropical diseases and sexually transmitted diseases.

The Department is directly responsible for conducting the professorial appointment of eight weeks duration in the final year of the undergraduate training programme. 

The clinical training is supplemented by a series of lectures in General Medicine and related specialties.

The students performance is evaluated, in-course and end of the course. 

In-course assessment comprises of a viva voce examination and objective  structured clinical evaluation (OSCE) towards the end of the appointment and regular assessment of their clinical performance. 

End of the course evaluation is done at the final MBBS examination.  Evaluation in Medicine takes the form of three theory papers (MCQs, case histories and essays) and a clinical examination comprising of one long case,  three short cases and a spot.

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