The Workshop of the faculty of Medicine provides day-to-day maintenance and repair services as well as the construction of special projects for specific staff and student needs.

The workshop technical team is led by the Chief technical officer, and together they provide carpentry, lathe, welding and other repaid and construction services to all department and units of the faculty. Special requests for apparatus and furniture for teaching and research are also supported with both design and construction.

Over the years, the Workshop staff has played a major role in the Medical Exhibitions that have been held, creating the large, complex displays that were used for these big events.


Mr. G.G.S. Jayathilake
Staff Technical Officer
Mr. H.A.S. Hathurusinghe

Mr. A.G.C.T. Weerasinghe
Mr. P.G.G.S.S. Premathilake
Works Aide

Head of the Unit

Dr. Champa Ratnatunga

Head / Senior Lecturer



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