Undergraduate Programme

Doctor in Society (DIS) - Forensic Medicine component

Doctor in Society Stream is an important, integral and a compulsory component in the undergraduate medical curriculum at University of Peradeniya. This stream runs from 2nd year to the 4th year. Concepts of Forensic Medicine and ethics are key components of this stream. It is envisaged that training in these aspects would enable graduates of the FOM UOP to ensure justice as well as engage in ethical behaviour. Hours for teaching-learning activities allocated for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years are 15 hrs, 45 hrs and 45 hrs, respectively. In addition, the students follow a two-week clinical appointment in Forensic Medicine, where they receive hands-on experience in history taking and examination of medico-legal cases, and completing medico-legal documents. Furthermore, they would be provided an opportunity to observe and assist at post-mortem examinations. During the clinical appointment students are exposed to real-life situations of medicolegal and ethical practice with case discussions, court visits, court room simulations, museum visits and movies.

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Forensic Medicine Clinical Appointment – Duration: 2 weeks

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