• 17.01.2021 : An article by Prof. Sarathchandra Kodikara was published in the Sunday Lankadeepa- . “මත්පැන් ගඳ වහනයෙන් බීමත් බව තීරණය කිරීම විද්‍යාත්මකව නිවැරදිද?”

  • 22.01.2021-23.01.2021 The following were achieved at the 19th Annual Academic Sessions of College of Forensic Pathologists of Sri Lanka;
    • 1st Place in Concept paper category -K.A.S.Kodikara, A.Izzath , S.Wijerathna ,P. Jayasooriya,and M.Kudagama. Novel tools for assessment of drunken driving: Are they legal within the Sri Lankan jurisdiction?
    • Presentations were made by all the Postgraduate trainees at the Free Paper Session: Forensic Pathology
    • Mr. Laxman Gunatilake and Ms. Mithila Wijerathne of Non- academic staff co-authored two research papers presented at this session.

  • Commendable presentation : HMCL Herath, T Rajapaksha, D Edussuriya, DDKS Karunanayake, WD Chandrasena. Identifying risk factors for development of psychological morbidity among new entrants to the University of Peradeniya: preliminary results of an ongoing study. 43rd Proceedings of the Annual academic sessions of the Kandy society of Medicine, Sri Lanka, 2021; 87

  • Prof. A.N.Vadysinghe was awarded the Fellowship of the College of Forensic Pathologists of Sri Lanka.

  • Prof. Sarathchandra Kodikara was positioned as a Council Member of the College of Forensic Pathologists of Sri Lanka for year 2021
  • 15.02.2021: A presentation on "Safety check for high risk autopsies" was done by Dr. Kudagammana (Consultant Medical Microbiologist)

  • 17.02.2021: A COVID-19 positive autopsy was conducted successfully in the mortuary of the department, a report of which appeared in the "Divaina" newspaper on 18.02.2021
  • Prof. Sarathchandra Kodikara submitted a request to Hon. Minter of Justice with copes to several relevant authorities regarding legislation for “Smelling of liquor”. A reply was received from the Prime Minister’s Office regarding this.

  • 24.03.2021: Journal club presentation by guest speaker Prof. Kalana Maduwage
    Topic-"Enzyme immunoassays for detection and quantification of venom of Sri Lankan snakes: Application in Forensic diagnosis"


  • 07.04.2021: Prof. A.N.Vadysinghe conducted a lecture at a workshop for primary teachers at Medadumbara Divisional Secretariat, Teldeniya


  • 09.04.2021: Colour Atlas of Forensic Pathology by Prof. Dinesh Fernando was updated with a chapter on "Tuberculosis"
  • 25.05.2021: Sri Lanka Journal of Forensic Medicine, Science and Law, 2021;12(1) was published.
    Editors- Prof. Deepthi Edussuriya and Prof. Dinesh Fernando
  • An article on " SARS-CoV-2 epidemic and autopsy practice in Sri lanka: Can it be erroneous without a comprehensive autopsy" by Sarathchandra Kodikara, Chathula Wickramasinghe,Rohitha Muthugala , Dinesh Fernando, Amal Vadysinghe, Deepthi Edussuriya, Sadiq Siddique, Gayan Kumarasinghe,Tharanga Nayakarathna, Sameera Gunasekara, Saman Chandradasa, and Sulochana Wijetunge was published in SLMA Newsletter( Volume 14, Issue 06)
  • 12.07.2021: An article by Prof. A.N. Vadysinghe on "Child abuse" was published on "Aruna" newspaper

  • 15.07.2021: The annual Forensic Medicine debate for Third year medical students of 2017/18 batch was held online, under the guidance of Prof. Dinesh Fernando. Topic- "Global medical malpractice laws do more harm than good"
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  • 30.07.2021: Postgraduate trainees in Forensic Medicine attended an exhumation of a high profile case, under the supervision of Dr. Prabhath Senasinghe(Consultant JMO, Teaching Hospital Peradeniya), Prof. Jean Perera(Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo) and Dr. Sameera Gunawardhana(Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo)

  • 31.07.2021: The Diploma in Forensic Medicine for Lawyers and Judges commenced for the 8th batch with 71 students registering for the course

  • An article on "Upgrading infrastructure of an autopsy laboratory to conduct autopsies of bodies infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus"by Sarathchandra Kodikara, Chathula Wickramasinghe, Vasana Kudagammana, Dinesh Fernando, Amal Vadysinghe, Deepthi Edussuriya, Sadiq Siddique, Gayan Kumarasinghe,Tharanga Nayakarathna, Sameera Gunasekara, Saman Chandradasa, and Niranjala Kulathunga appeared in SLMA Newsletter; 2021:14(7).
  • 06.08.2021: Workshop was conducted for Emergency Medicine-Post graduate trainees on "Medicolegal issues"


  • 16.08.2021:Online Inter-Medical Faculty Forensic debate was held between Faculties of Medicine of the University of Peradeniya and University of Colombo. Topic- " A national database of all citizens should be maintained for law enforcement"
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