Prof. Roshitha Waduge
Professor in Pathology
Peer reviewed journal Publications
  1. Unusual histological features of Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma: a clinicopathological and immunohistochemical study. RN Waduge, NVI Ratnatunga, S Ramadasa. Journal of Diagnostic Pathology 2002 3(1), 17-21

  2. A histopathological study of cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Sri Lanka. Ceylon Medical Journal, 2010. 55(4):106-11, Herath C.H.P, Ratnatunga, N.V.I., Waduge R., Ratnayake P. Ramadasa. S

  3. Deep coma and hypokalemia of unknown aetiology following Bungarus caeruleus bites: Exploration of pathophysiological mechanisms with two case studies.Gawarammana,I.B, Kularatne, S.A.M, Kularatne, K, Waduge, R., Weerasinghe, V.S., Bowatte, S., Senanayake, N. Journal of Venom Research, 2010 Dec.1:71-5

  4. Ectopic ACTH syndrome from an occult source with associated gastric parietal cell hyperplasia. P.N. Rajakrishna, S. Ratnayake, J.N. Gunawardene, Roshitha Waduge.Sri Lanka Journal of Medicine,2008; 17(1): 15-18

  5. Kikuchi – Fujimoto’s Disease – a case series from Sri Lanka RA Abeysekara, SAM Kularathna, R Waduge, AGW Sandeepana, JMRP Bandara, IV Imbuldeniya Ceylon Medical Journal 2013 Vol: 58(1)31-3

  6. Does Carica Papaya leaf extract increase the platelet count?-An experimental study in a murine model.SCLA Dharmaratne, Susiji Wickramasinghe, Roshitha Waduge, J.Rajapakse, SAM Kularatne Asian Pacific Journal of Biomedicine,2013:3(9):720-724

  7. Management of atypical endometrial hyperplasia; How appropriate and consistent with our management. Karunanada A, Waduge R. European international journal of applied sciences & technology Vol.1, no;4 June 2014

  8. Extensive hemorrhagic necrosis of liver is an unpredictable fatal complication of dengue infection: a post mortem study. SAM Kularatne, IVB Imbulpitiya, RA Abeysekera, RN Waduge, RPVJ Rajapakse, KGAD Weerakoon, BMC infectious diseases, 2014,14:141

  9. Fatal acute pulmonary edema and acute renal failure following multiple Wasp/Hornet (Vespa affinis) stings, in SriLanka; Two case reports. Keerthi Kularatne, Thamara Kannangara, Ajith Jayasena, Aruni Jayasekera, Roshitha Waduge, Kosala Weeakoon, SAM Kularatne. Journal of medical case reports 2014,88:188

  10. Cutaneous Manifestations of Spotted Fever Rickettsial Infections in the Central Province of Sri Lanka: A Descriptive Study. K Weerakoon, SAM Kularatne, J Rajapakse, S Adikari, R Waduge . PLoS neglected tropical diseases 8 (9), e317

  11. Bronchial carcinoid: Common Manifestation of a rare disorder LPMMK Pathirage, D Medagedara, R Waduge. The clinical respiratory journal 2010 4 (1), 59-60

  12. Changes in the serum levels and liver lesions in broiler birds reared under different management conditions. SSHMML Senanayake, JGS Ranasinghe, R Waduge, K Nizanthan, PABD Alexander Tropical Agricultural Research Vol 26(4);584-595 9 2015)

  13. Out of pocket spending for febrile illnesses among patients admitted to two teaching hospitals in SriLanka.Mudiyanse RM, Waduge RN, Bowala N, Dharani K, Dassanayake DLP, Rambukwella IWYKC Global Journal Of Medical Research (K) Vol XIV version 1 2014

  14. .Effect of floride on major organs with different time of exposure in rats Thanushi Perera, Shirani Ranasinghe, Neil Alles, Roshitha Waduge ;environmental Health and Preventive Medicine (2018) 23:17

  15. Heart and liver are infected in fatal cases of dengue: three PCR based case studies Dec. 2018 BMC infectious diseasesS. A. M. Kularatne1 , M. M. Rajapakse1 , Udaya Ralapanawa1* , R. Waduge2 , L. P. M. M. K. Pathirage1 and R. P. V. J. Rajapakse3

  16. Evaluation of cognitive level questions of an undergraduate medicalprogram in Sri Lanka using Bloom’s taxonomySri Lanka journal of medicine 27(1) 2018 Deepthi Edussuriya, Roshitha Waduge, MD Lamawansa,Achini Samaranayake

  17. The Venom of Spectacled Cobra (Elapidae: Naja naja): In Vitro Study fromDistinctGeographical Origins in Sri Lanka Hindawi Journal of Toxicology Volume 2018, Article ID 7358472,14 pages DumindaS.B.Dissanayake ,1 LasanthikaD.Thewarage,1 RoshithaN.Waduge,2 J.G.S.Ranasinghe,3 S.A.M.Kularatne,4 andR.P.V.JayantheRajapakse

  18. Evaluation of histology as a Helicobactor pylori detection method and analysis of associated problems SM Buhardeen, S.Wijetunge, T.Jayamaha A sinnadurei, R.Waduge CN Ratnatunga Journal of Diagnostic Pathology 2015 ;10 (2);5-11
Conference Presentations
  1. A case of clinically indolent ovarian metastasis of medullary thyroid carcinoma, highlighting the importance of long term follow up L.D.S.De Silva, R.Waduge, International conference of Renal, Respiratory, Thyroid Pulmonary cytology and annual academic sessions of the college of Pathologists of Sri Lanka Aug. 2017

  2. ALK negative inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour in the tail of the pancreas L.D.S.De Silva, R.Waduge,International conference in diagnostic pathology and annual academic sessions of the college of pathologists of Sri Lanka Sep.2016

  3. Classification of examination questions based on Bloom’s cognitive levels: An analysis of essay questions of the undergraduate medical program, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. D. Edussuriya, R.Waduge, A,N.Samaranayake, B.G.Premaratne, 9th International conference, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University

  4. Relationship between fluoride intake and kidney cell viability. WTR Perera, JGS Ranasinghe, K Godakumbura, N Alles, R Waduge PGIS Research congress Sep 2017

  5. Comparative pathological effects induced by spectacled Cobra (Elaoidae: Naja naja Venom from three distinct geographical origins in Sri Lanka Duminda Dissanayake, R.P.V.J Rajapakse R.N.Waduge LDThewarage SAM Kularatne, JGS Ranasinghe 5th annual conference of the toxinological society of India Nov. 2015

  6. Therapeutic importance &safety assessment of Aqueus extracts of Sargassum Crassifolium in wound healing AD Premaratne, SK Wijesekera, R.N Waduge RPVJ Rajapakse9th International Research conference Sep2016

  7. A comparative study of histopathological and immunohistochemical study of cutaneous Leishmaniasis and Leprosy. Annual scientific sessions of Sri Lanka Medical Association 2007.

  8. Autopsy study of leptospirosis in the outbreak: Distinctive histopathology in organ system BDDS Budagoda, LPMMK Pathirage, DH Edussuriya, KAS Kodikara, R Waduge, AB Seneviratne, SAM Kularatne, Annual academic session of Kandy Society of Medicine, FEB.2009,Vol.31

  9. Guest lecture on diffuse and nodular thyroid diseases At the conference of Radiological society of SAARC countries May 2009

  10. Retrospective analysis of histopathological changes seen in Gall bladder specimens in patients with symptomatic Gall stone disease and the risk of Gall Bladder Carcinoma A.D. Dharmapala, R.N.Waduge, N.Premathilake, L.CK.Jayasundara, B.N.Samarasinghe, Annual academic sessions 2014, The college of Surgeons of Sri Lanka

  11. Tuberculosis lymphadenitis and Toxoplasmosis in Lymph node Biopsies received to THP Laboratory from 2011 to 2013, D.L.P.Dissanayake, K.Dharani, D.N.K. Bowela, R.Waduge .International research conference 2014 , General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University Sri Lanka

  12. A descriptive study on clinicopathological profile of polypoid lesions of the Gall bladder Bowala DNK, Dharmapala A, Waduge R Annual academic sessions Kandy society of Medicine, Feb 201

  13. Isolated Coccygeal Tuberculosis; first reported case in Sri Lanka. BMIK Thilakaratne, R Kotakadeniya, RN Waduge. Annual sessions Kandy society of Medicine Feb 2014

  14. Effect of increased temperature and age on serum liids and proteins of Broiler birds SSHMML Senanayake, JGS Ranasinghe, PABD Alexander, K Nizanthan , R Waduge One health International Conference 2014 5-6th September, University of Peradeniya

  15. Aspergillosis in patients undergoing bronchoscopy at teaching hospital Kandy Inaugural symposium of the association of Pulmonologists Sri Lanka Respire 2009

  16. Lobular carcinoma of the breast diagnosed in uterine curretings Siriweera, E, Waduge RN, Ratnatunga N, Tissera W, International conference of Gynecology and breast pathology Aug 2009

  17. Histological outcome of testicular biopsies in men with azoospermia; hospital based preliminary study. HGWPL Bandara, AUB Pethiyagoda, NVI Ratnatunga,RTAW Gunawardene,RNWaduge,S.Wijetunga,RMS Priyadarshani Annual sessions Kandy society of Medicine, 2012, Vol 34

  18. Goitres in males:The clinical presentation and histopathological varieties;Welagedera ht, Galketiya KB, Gunawardene R, Waduge RN, Amarasinghe IAU, Tirumurugan T;annual academic sessions of Kandy society of Medicine,2008 Feb. vol.31

  19. Factors influencing self-motivated participation in a cervical cancer screening program in Sri Lanka: a case control studyGRC Silva, RD Wijesinghe, DRS Adikaram, J Kajendran,SK Ranaraja, Waduge R.BJOG-An International of Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 120, 32-33.
Journal publications in abstract form
  1. Congenital fibre type disproportion; A case of delayed mile stones. Waduge R,Ratnatunga N, Padeniya A, Bowala N. accepted by Ceylon Medical Journal.

  2. Factors influencing participation in a cervical cancer screening programme conducted for the health care workers of THP.Wijesinghe RD, Waduge RN and 8 more PGIM Academic Sessions, July 2013

  3. Diverticulosis: Unusual clinical presentation ,RMPN Rathnayake, R Waduge, TS Waravita KSM 35th Annual Academic Sessions Feb;2013

  4. Relative incidence of different types of bladder carcinoma; single institutional experience Annual sessions Kandy society of Medicine, HGWPL Bandara,AUB Pethiyagoda, NVI Ratnatunga,RTAWGunawardene,RNWaduge,S.Wijetunga,RMS Priyadarshani Annual sessions Kandy society of Medicine, 2012, Vol 34

  5. Severe Liver necrosis in two fatal cases of Dengue shock syndrome; autopsy study,IV Imbulpitiya,RA Abeysekera,SAM Kularatne,R.Waduge, S.Ponnaperuma, HMCD Ratnayake, 34th Annual academic sessions, KSM 2012

  6. Case history of pseudo papillary tumor of Pancreas in a young child.Waduge R, Waravita TS, 34th Annual academic sessions of Kandy Society of Medicine 2012

  7. Rare variant of Endometrial Carcinoma: Carcinosarcoma of the EndometriumPathiraja PDM, Waravita TS,Waduge R.Ranaraja SK.SriLanka Journal of obstetrics &Gynaecology 2014:Vol.36

  8. Association of intra Prostatic inflammation among patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia HGWPL Bandara,AUBPethiyagoda,NVIRatnatunga,RTAWGunawardene,RNWaduge,S.Wijetunga,RMS Priyadarshani KSM 2011

  9. Incidence of occult malignancy in benign prostatic hyperplasia HGWPLBandara, AUB Pethiyagoda, NVI Ratnatunga, RTAW Gunawardene, RN Waduge ,S.Wijetunga, WARV Weragoda KSM 2011

  10. Descriptive study on pathological characteristics of Breast carcinoma in patients presented to the teaching hospital Peradeniya in the past five years. UAD Wijepala MDLamawansa,KBGalketiya,NVIRatnatunga,RTAWGunawardene,RNWaduge,S.Wijetunga KSM 2011

  11. Muscle immunohistochemistry in the early diagnosis of Dermatomyositis RN Waduge,N Ratnatunga, U Illangasekera 31st Annual sessions, Kandy society of Medicine, Feb 2009

  12. Sclerosing lymphocytic lobulitis of the breast Sumanasekera,G,WadugeR,Illangasekera U, International conference of Gynaecology and breast Pathology Aug.2009

  13. Placental site trophoblastic tumour Sumanasekera G,Waduge RN,NVI Ratnatunga,Asogan S, KPG Karunaratne ,International conference of Gynaecology and Breast Pathology Aug 2009

  14. The surgical treatment of follicular neoplasm FNAC KB Galketiya, ABWickramanayake, NVIRatnatunga, Waduge RN, RTAW Gunawardene,31st Annual sessions Kandy Society of Medicine 2009

  15. Multiple Myeloma presented as renal syndrome Kandy society of Medicine, N Nanayakara, Wazil AWM, Abetsekera TJ,RT Dassanayake,R Waduge, N Ratnatunga,3oth annual sessions. Feb 2008

  16. Cryptococcosis diagnosed in an axillary lymph node biopsy. MPGNS Jayawardene, RN Waduge, WDP Sugathadasa ,IB Gawarammana Annual sessions Kandy society of Medicine, Feb.2014

  17. A thyroid carcinoma in a resected specimen of a sebaceous cyst in the axilla BMIK Thilakaratne, RN Waduge, annual sessions, Kandy society of Medicine, Feb2014
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