As a clinical department it offers the fourth year medical undergraduates a four week clinical appointment at its clinical unit at the General Hospital, Peradeniya. They are offered a structured program which includes daily ward classes, seminars, ward classes and clinical training. They are introduced to the basic concepts of clinical psychiatry and are offered a training in obtaining and documenting a psychiatric history and examination Emphasis is made on common clinical psychiatric problems with particular attention to diagnosis and management of depression, alcohol dependence, common anxiety related disorders and common childhood disorders. Introductions to human sexuality, clinical communication, psychopharmacology, drug dependence and neurosis are provided through half day workshops. The clinical appointment is followed by a formative evaluation (a best response 20 question MCQ test). In addition to the clinical appointment the department offers a series of lectures on common psychiatric disorders to the final year medical student. A few lecturers are offered to the second and third MBBS students. The department and the pre clinical department hope to develop a brain and behaviour module to be offered to pre clinical students. In the Final MBBS examination undergraduate have to answer one essay question and 20 best response type MCQ questions in the General Medicine papers


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