The Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, was appointed in 2013. Quality assurance issues have been discussed in the Faculty Board (FB) since then. However, under the directives of the Vice Chancellor/UoP, quality assurance was formalized and taken up as an agenda item in the FB since 2016. Since then, QA awareness workshops and meetings were held regularly, for both academic and non-academic staff members.

Quality assurance and enhancement are agenda items at Departmental Meetings as well. Outcomes of previous subject reviews have been discussed by the respective departments and appropriate remedial measures initiated. The MEU played an essential role in these activities in the absence of a faculty level quality assurance unit. With the recent establishment of the IQAC with clear TOR, the primary functions of quality enhancement/assurance are now administered with greater efficiency. The IQAC also carried out many functions of the current QA process including an internal review.

The stature of academic staff has attracted many national and international collaborations furthering high quality research, training facilities and services. Quality enhancement is therefore an integral part of the Faculty and coordinated by the IQAC.




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