1. Primarily a research centre with no teaching commitments in formal undergraduate and postgraduate courses, except in relation to research.
  2. Promotion of biomedical research into health problems and diseases with special reference to Sri Lanka. This includes Biomedical Research and Health Systems Research, and the establishment of multi-disciplinary or cross-disciplinary research links. If foreign collaborators wish to include other projects that might be of peripheral importance to Sri Lanka which will provide training to local staff, these may be included.
  3. Continuing instruction of academic and technical staff on the methodology of biomedical research and the handling of equipment (promotion of scientific literacy).
  4. Training for research degrees. This will be done in liaison with the Higher Degree Committee of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya. If foreign collaboration is established, split PhDs might be possible.
  5. Maintenance of specialised equipment not inventories in any particular department, but obtained for special projects under activities of the CRTM. It will be useful to recruit technical personnel to service and repair such apparatus. This is critical as effective research will depend on functioning equipment.
  6. Establishing and maintaining a library (Archives) of specialised texts, research reprints or copies, and manuals that deal with the areas of interest of the CRTM.
  7. Function as a coordinating center (umbrella organisation) for tropical medicine at the University of Peradeniya.
  8. Promote visits of foreign scientists.


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