Symposium on Infectious Diseases

A team of delegates from the University of Connecticut led by their Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, Prof. Kevin Dieckhaus will be visiting Sri Lanka in the upcoming week. They will be visiting the University of Peradeniya and the Infectious Diseases Hospital for several collaborative programs over the week.

We, as the CRTM will be hosting a symposium on Infectious Diseases featuring both local and foreign speakers from the UCONN team. This event where several important topics will be discussed, will be held on the 25th October 2023, from 9.00 am - 12.00 pm at the Medical Faculty Board Room

Participants can register via the following link. Online participants will receive the Zoom link via email.


Rabies Day Commemoration Program

A program was held at the Senate Room with the participation of academic and non-academic staff members of the University of Peradeniya to commemorate the World Rabies Day which falls on the 28th September. The main aim of the program was to increase awareness among university staff on this fatal yet preventable disease

During this one hour session experts from different fields spoke on different aspects of rabies prevention, both in humans and domestic animals. We hope we have laid a stone to the path towards a rabies-free Sri Lanka.


3rd Committee Meeting of the CRTM

The 3rd Committee Meeting of the CRTM for the year 2023 was held on the 25th September 2023 at the CRTM Office chaired by the Director, Prof. S. A. M. Kularatne. The coordinator, Prof. Chamara Dalugama presented the activities done during the past four months and it was apparent that the CRTM was once again back to life.

The committee members had gave their ideas for future international collaborations, workshops, awareness programs, textbooks, and newsletters that were all included in the CRTM action plan for the last quarter of 2023.


Symposium on Tropical Medicine for International Students from China

International collaboration is an integral part of the CRTM’s mission. Sharing knowledge is essential for the advancement in medicine. We are extremely delighted to receive a group of international students from China employed in various fields related to health sciences after a long period.

Our capable staff members did an excellent job in conducting an educational session on tropical diseases and nutrition in Sri Lanka. We got some good responses from the participants and were informed that they hope to continue this partnership by sending several more groups of participants in the near future.


CRTM Monthly Talk - August

Better late than never! The CRTM monthly talk for the month of August that was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances was held on the 8th of September at 12.00 pm in the Faculty Board Room.

Our guest speaker was Dr. Usha Bokalamulla, an experienced medical officer currently working at the OPD at Teaching Hospital Peradeniya who has been working with rabies prevention program for a long time.


Workshop on Tropical Medicine - Day 3

The Workshop on Tropical Medicine held on 3 Sundays in collaboration with the PGIMS came to an end with the final session held on the 13th August 2023.

Participants will receive the final assessment via email soon which needs completion before the certificates are awarded.


CRTM Newsletter

The inaugural edition of the CRTM newsletter is proposed to be released in the month of August. Your articles are mostly welcome. They will be published upon scrutiny by a panel of reviewers.

The following article types will be considered for publication.

  • Feature articles
  • Pictures of tropical diseases
  • Case reports and case series related to tropical medicine
  • Letter to the editor
  • Research updates
  • Creative writing on tropical medicine


If you are interested in contributing, please contact us via our official email: before the 9th July, 2023.




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