Teaching and training
  • Training medical officers as MO/Anaesthesia
  • ALS Training for Pre Intern Doctors- 2012- up-to-date (10 programme )
  • CPR Training and Orientation for newly appointed intern medical officers
  • Regular Training of Nurses at Medical wards on early warning, early identification of series injury & seriously ill patient
  • management
  • Training nursing staff on acute renal therapy
  • CPR Training for medical officers as MO/Anaesthesia
  • Basic Life Support training for Health Centre & Physical Education Staff of University of Peradeniya 21st October 2017
  • Sepsis awareness programme local and national level.
  • Participating members at Teaching Hospital, Peradeniya Management Committee
  • Order and a member of technical evaluation committee for equipment and drugs for ICU/OT
  • Deliver services as a lead consultants in the management of the services and rosters of medical officers and junior anaesthetist at THP
  • Participating maternal mortality & morbidity meeting at local & National level
  • Participating Housing Committee meetings at THP
Patient care
  • Member of the review panel for research and Audit of the ministry
  • ICU & Operating Theater 24 hr clinical on call service to Teaching Hospital, Peradeniya
  • Conducting monthly maternal education programme at THP
  • Member of the review panel for research and Audit of the ministry
National guidelines
  • Contributing to revision of national guidelines for management of dengue heamorrhagic fever 2017
  • Local Protocol for Renal Transplant of Paediatric patients and pain management
Quality improvement
  • Monthly Operating Theatre/ICU mortality & morbidity meeting
  • Acute Pain Service education programme For Nurses
  • Setting up acute pain service at THP
  • Involved as lead consultants at Accident and Emergency service Unit THP


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