BODY DONATION PROGRAMME [Sinhala Version  / Application Form ]

The complete education of health professionals depend on the study of the structure of the human body through a full body dissection. A group of 15 medical students are provided with one body for dissection. The Department of Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, has established a whole body donation programme to acquire the bodies for this purpose.

We cannot accept a donation if,
  • The deceased person under 18 years.
  • An autopsy has been performed.
  • Organs have been removed before or after the death ( except eye removal for eye donation)
  • A body has been damaged due to physical injury, extensive surgery or cancer.
  • There is a history of meningitis, tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.
  • More then 18 hours have elapsed from the time of death to arrival at the Faculty. (only for un-embalmed Bodies)

In some instances a received body will be deemed unsuitable for adequate anatomical preservation. Factor contributing to such cases could include the presence of open wounds, bed sores, decayed tissue, crippling deformities or rarely that our facility has reached the full capacity. In such instances we will be reluctantly compelled to return the body to the next of kin for burial.

Financial Responsibilities:

Due to lack of fund the Faculty of Medicine is not in a position to accept the expenses of transporting donation to the Department. All transportation arrangement and cost are the responsibility of the donor or his/her executor. Following completion of the studies the remains will be cremated by us.

At time of death:
A family member or hospital staff can contact the department at 081-2396262 between 8.30 am. and 4.00 pm. To arrange an arrival time the following document must be provided.
  • Certificate of Death (Original)
  • National Identity Card of next of kin along with a Photocopy of same
Embalmed bodies:
The following instruction should be given to the undertaker.
  • Embalming should be done only by cutting the artery (Femoral artery) in front of the upper part of the thigh. If the body is embalmed by any other method, it will not be accepted.
  • For those who are residing in and around Kandy, it is possible to baring the body to the Department for embalming, taken back to be returned after performing funeral rites.

Handing over of bodies is usually before 2.00 pm. on working days. For handing over during the weekend, please contact the following members.

Staff Member Telephone No.
1. Mr. A G G Wijerathna 071-4460912
2. Security Office at Faculty of Medicine 081-2396565

The coffin may be removed after handing over the body. Religious ceremonies will not be conducted while handing over, Photography and video filming is strictly prohibited.

To Register with our Programme:

Those interested in registering as a whole body donor should contact the Department Office directly at 081-2396262 to request information material and registration form. However, this registration has no legal binding. The prospective donors must discuss their decision with the family members and next of kin or executors to obtain their consent. Once the body is handed over it becomes the property of the Department of Anatomy and no individual will be allowed to view the body.

If you wish to register online, download and fill the application form and email it to

Department of Anatomy


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