Anatomy, historically an exhaustive subject, is a cornerstone of medical learning for centuries. Despite changing times, Anatomy as a subject still holds pride of place in any medical curriculum.

Learning pure Anatomy, as was the practice centuries ago holds no value for present day students and Medical professionals. With this in mind, the Department of Anatomy strives to convey only the essentials of structure, both macroscopic and microscopic, embryology and genetics giving emphasis to their clinical applications from the very outset.

The Department of Anatomy provides chromosomal studies as a service to patients in the central province. The surgery postgraduate teaching program is conducted in close collaboration with the Department of Anatomy.

Research is another facet that the department gives prime importance to. With ongoing research in varied fields, the Department of Anatomy joins hands with the rest of the Faculty of Medicine in the quest of  generating new Knowledge. 

VISION - The Department of Anatomy aims to be a centre of excellence by developing, promoting and disseminating the knowledge of Anatomical Sciences through education and research

MISSION - The mission of Department of Anatomy is to participate actively in the process of advancement of the biomedical knowledge in the fields of Gross Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy and Microscopic Anatomy through integrating traditional teaching methods with innovative, high quality modern education principles


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