The Department of Pediatrics offers post-graduate training to a diverse category of trainees. Those who select the professorial unit at Teaching Hospital Peradeniya has the opportunity to get trained under several consultants with different styles of training which can be a great asset for a budding consultant. Post graduate training is provided for the following:

Registrar in Pediatrics – stage 1 training

This is the first stage of training as a registrar in pediatrics with a duration of 12 months. The trainee will attend to routine ward work and handle casualties in one in 3 day rotation. During this period the registrar will gain knowledge on proper evaluation of common pediatric conditions, handle pediatric emergencies, engage in activities which enhance their soft skills and procedure skills as well as teaching activities which involves final year medical students. They also get trained in administrative skills in the form of dealing with rosters of interns as well as helping during the undergraduate exams as exam managers.

Registrar in Pediatrics – stage 2 neonatology placement

This is a six month appointment with training on first on call basis. The trainees are exposed to care of the extreme premature newborn, handling neonatal emergencies, perform neonatal procedures and get exposed to new technologies such as therapeutic cooling in HIE. They also get an opportunity to engage in activities of continuing medical education such as journal clubs, attending workshops and seminars and get involved in audits/ research activity.

Senior registrar in pediatrics- Stage 4 training

This is a full time 12 months appointment during the last stage of the local training. The trainee is given the opportunity to excel in his/her managerial skills in managing a pediatric ward under several trainers and the set-up at TH Peradeniya provides adequate challenges to the trainee to bring out the best of him/her.

Registrar in Pediatrics – stage 3 – nephrology appointment

This is a one month short appointment during the third stage of training. The trainee gets the opportunity to work under a pediatric nephrologist in a specialized unit dealing with a variety of renal disease in children including children with end stage renal disease

Senior registrar in Pediatric nephrology

Depending on the trainee’s preference, the nephrology unit headed by a pediatric nephrologist can offer a six month or 12 month training to a senior registrar in nephrology. This is full-time on call based appointment with ample opportunity to improve managerial skills, practical skills and administrative skills.

Registrar in emergency medicine – pediatric component

This is a three month appointment for the trainees to get exposed to pediatric emergencies. As a multi-consultant led unit with daily admissions, the trainee get ample opportunity to get involved with managing in-ward emergencies as well as get involved with the routine care of children. They get the opportunity to get involved in pediatric journal clubs and grand rounds which are held routinely and also take part in other CME activities.

Registrar/ Senior registrar in clinical nutrition

This is a 3 month appointment for the relevant trainees where they are trained to assess growth and nutrition of in-ward as well as children from out-patient clinics. The trainees are welcome to give their input in deciding a management plan to improve growth and nutrition of these children.


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