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Undergraduate Trainees who pass their Third MBBS part II Examination, qualify for the Final MBBS course of one-year duration.

Course information

The Final MBBS Course includes clinical rotations at the Teaching Hospital Peradeniya in Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, psychiatry and Paediatrics.

The Paediatrics Professorial Appointment in the Paediatric Unit, comprises of ward rounds and ward classes, teaching at clinics and seminars. Around 45 students follow clinicals in Paediatrics at any given time and are rotated among the consultants during the course to provide adequate exposure to different styles of teaching. Extra lectures and revision classes in Paediatrics are conducted every Wednesday.

During the course, the students are encouraged to maintain a Portfolio which is a mandatory component of the training program. The portfolio comprises of case histories, mini-CEX evaluations, observation and recording of procedure skills, reflective writing, doctor-patient communication skills and patient feedback assessments.

At the end of each appointment lasting seven weeks, students are evaluated by means of a clinical exam simulating the final exam(one long case and one short case), a projected OSCE(6 picture OSCE and 4 video OSCE) and a Viva Voice.

Apart from the above program, the department of paediatrics provide input for undergraduate training as follows:

  • 3rd year of training - paediatric short appointment (3 weeks) – The students engage in clinical activities at Sirimavo Bandaranaike specialized hospital for children/ National Hospital Kandy while the department provide afternoon discussions to enhance the learning experience.
  • 4th year of training – long clinical rotation (4 weeks) – The students engage in clinical work during morning hours at National hospital Kandy/ SBSCH while the department conduct case-based discussions on selected days. (twice a week)

Final MBBS Exams are conducted twice a year (one proper exam and one repeat exam), and the marks are given in the following way.

Theory papers:

  • common MCQ: (50 MCQs to be answered in 2 hrs.- 20 true/false questions and 30 single best answer questions) - 20 marks
  • Essay: (Six Essay Questions in 3hrs) - 20 marks
  • Clinical (Short Cases): (Two cases 10 min each) - 20 Marks
  • Clinical (Long Case): (One case 40 min) - 20 Marks

In course Assessment:

  • Attitude and attendance - 3 Marks
  • Viva Voce - 5 Marks
  • Osce - 5 Marks
  • Clinicals - 7 marks             Total 20 marks

Final marks will be calculated by the sum of above marks and the mark categories are as follows: Minimum of 50% for clinicals is essential as well as a minimum mark of 45% for theory
Fail: < 50 Marks
Distinction: > 70 Marks


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