Postgraduate Courses

Diploma in Forensic Medicine for Lawyers and Judges.

Duration: 01 year (conducted on Saturdays)

For whom: For Lawyers (Attorney-at-Law or LLB) & Judges

Aim: To provide essential knowledge skills and attitudes in Forensic Medicine for Lawyers & Judges so that they will be able to apply acquired Forensic Medical knowledge to solve legal issues effectively.   

Medium: English

Notice: Call Application for batch 9 is closed.


Batch Results
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Diploma in Forensic Medicine for Lawyers and Judges - Application Form  


Training Facilities

  • Training Centre for Diploma in Legal medicine (DLM) conducted by Post Graduate Institute of Medicine (PGIM) of University of Colombo
  • Training Centre for Post Graduate Family Medicine
  • Training in forensic autopsies for the trainees in Pathology.

Case Presentations

  • 2nd of January, 2020 - Case of unexplained infantile by Dr. Gamini Dissnayake.
  • 6th of February, 2020 - Case of intravaginal foreign body and persistent vaginal discharge (which was selected for poster presentation at KSM) & presentation on custodial deaths and related drugs by Dr. Gayan Kumarasinghe.
  • 25th of June 2020 - Case of snake bite by Dr. Gayan Kumarasinghe.
  • 8th of July 2020 - Case of infective endocarditis by Dr. Saman Chandradasa.
  • 22nd of July 2020 - Case of pancreatitis by Dr. Dhanushka Rambukwella.
  • 06th of August 2020 - Case of sepsis by Dr. Chathula Wickramsinghe.
  • 19th of August 2020 - Comprehensive management of child abuse by Dr. Sameera Gunasekara.
  • 2nd of September 2020 - Case of pelvic abscess by Dr. Tharanga Nayakarathne.
  • 16th of September 2020 - Trauma and disease/vertebral artery rupture by Prof. Sarathchandra Kodikara.
  • 7th of October 2020 - Case of primary pulmonary hypertension by Dr. Saman Chandradasa.
  • 21st of October 2020 - Case of hemopericardium by Dr. Saman Chandradasa.
  • 4th of November - Crime scene investigation by Dr. Gayan Kumarasinghe
  • 18th of November 2020 - Medico legal practice during COVID-19 pandemic by Dr. Chathula wickramsinghe.


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